Wide World Of Gambling: Another OH Indictment Linked To Sports Betting, Bad Beat On Warriors, Rose Campaigning For Ceremonial Wager?

It was another news-filled week in the world of gambling.

In this installment of the weekly roundup from US Bets, we’re giving you a rundown of some of the more interesting new nuggets from the world of sports betting and beyond.

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Pete Rose says he still gambles on baseball

Ohio is still in the process of legalizing the regulation of sportsbooks. In the meantime, former Cincinnati Reds star Pete Rose, who has no confidence he will enter the baseball Hall of Fame while he’s alive, has no qualms about talking about how he still bets on baseball, though he stressed legally. Could he be making a pitch to the Hard Rock Casino in Cincinnati to bring him in for a ceremonial first bet?

Wrong time to bet on the Warriors

The Warriors NBA dynasty ended a year or two ago, but the team was still a contender up until Klay Thompson went down with a season-ending injury on Thursday. The news was a terrible beat for one sports bettor, who bet $6,000 on the team when they were 10/1 to win the next championship. Their odds moved to 100/1 after Thompson went down. Now that’s a bad beat.

Another indictment in Ohio linked to sports betting

No one involved with the actual legislative process of bringing legal sports betting to Ohio has been accused of wrongdoing, but an indictment this week against a mayoral candidate in Cincinnati makes two criminal cases related to bringing sports betting to a former mall in the Queen City.

Famed bettor seeks investigation into handling of case

Billy Walters doesn’t exactly have the best reputation due to being sent to prison for insider trading. However, the legendary Las Vegas sports bettor is trying to repair his image to some extent by suing those involved with prosecuting him, notably the prosecutor behind online poker’s Black Friday in 2011.

PA inches closer to overtaking NV as No. 2 market

Nevada’s reign as the nation’s top sports betting market is in the rearview mirror, as New Jersey recently reported more than $800 million in sports betting handle from October. Pennsylvania is now nipping at the Silver State’s heels as the sportsbooks in the Keystone State cleared the $500-million mark last month. The PA total was only a few million less than what Nevada saw in October 2019. That said, Nevada’s market is still growing as well, with the books reporting about $575 million in September. Pennsylvania isn’t quite at Nevada’s level yet, but that will undoubtedly come soon.

Gambler retrieves money seized without probable cause

An old fashioned shakedown by the DEA against a gambler had a better resolution that most similar cases of civil asset forfeiture. Returning to Florida from a gambling trip in North Carolina, a woman saw the feds seize $43,000 from her by claiming it was from drug activity, despite absolutely zero evidence. #Murica

One of the sickest betting pools you’ll ever hear about

Gambling culture runs deep in America, but there are some things that you just don’t bet on. It’s been alleged that some managers at Tyson Foods thought it was a good idea to wager on whether their employees would die from COVID-19. There’s rightfully a public outcry.

Betfair continues to withhold gamblers’ election money

It’s getting a bit ridiculous. They election has long been over, but inexplicably Betfair Exchange won’t pay out its customers. The gambling operator, whose parent company is Flutter Entertainment, is trying to claim that paying out now would be akin to books prematurely paying out on Hillary Clinton in 2016.

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