Why is Fox News not an option on the MSN Website?

You are right, Don. I am not “locked” into MSN. That is not the issue. 

I trust MSN services. I enjoy their services. That is great. I just want to know WHY they openly advertise CNN and MSNBC but avoid mentioning Fox News feeds? I am concerned because they are encouraging people to ONLY consider news from reporters like CNN
and MSNBC. 

CNN and MSNBC make false reports. They avoid showing riots, they avoid providing the whole story in police incidents, and they are clearly anti-Trump. They are biased. The only way to fix the problem is to allow conservative and classical liberal news channels
to provide an alternate perspective – and let viewers decide based on ALL the facts. Once CNN and MSNBC have competition, ALL the news channels (including Fox News) will be forced to be more truthful and careful about reporting the facts. 

The MSN website (which appears anytime someone signs out of their account) should do the ethically right thing and show ALL the major news options. They don’t have to agree – just be fair. In the long run, it will benefit MSN’s customers because society
will be better informed about issues (because they see both sides) and there won’t be racial divides and inaccurate views of law enforcement.

Please answer this question:

Why does MSN purposely leave out Fox News on their website?

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