Which Countries Gamble the Most?

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Gambling is almost everywhere on the globe. Online access has changed this industry’s nature over the past 30 years, and virtual casinos are at the forefront.

But, which countries are the biggest in gambling? We analyzed how much money nations spend per capita, how open their laws are, and how their cultures embrace this activity. Let’s take a look at the results.


  • Nations turn to regulation to reap the rewards of gambling
  • Some countries ease restrictions on wagering
  • The UK leads the gambling charts

Top 5 Gambling Countries

The popularity of gambling has no borders. But the laws and cultures of various countries do reveal differences in how they approach wagering. After analyzing the factors we mentioned above, we ranked the nations that gamble the most.

Best USA Online Gambling Sites

Of course, if you live in the US and aren’t in Las Vegas or Atlantic City, your best bet for gambling entertainment is online. To guide you with your casino shopping, we have three top choices for US players’ online casino sites.

Online Casino Business Keeps Growing

No matter where you go in the world, you can find a place to gamble, especially if you have an online connection. COVID-19 may have put the economy in a slump, but the online gambling industry has kept us entertained. So hunker down if you have to, but enjoy the fun of digital casino gaming.

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