What Is Edge Sorting & How to Make It Work

Is Edge sorting cheating?

If you’ve been a gambler for some time, you’ll have heard about edge sorting. Gamblers worldwide have applied this system in card games like poker and even blackjack. But in this article, we’re focusing on edge sorting in baccarat.

Edge sorting is an advanced baccarat technique that advantage players use to take down the house edge by exploiting unintentional flaws on playing cards.

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What Is Edge Sorting?

Edge sorting is a complex strategy that usually experienced bettors dare to use. Simply, you just need to know the game like the back of your hand that well to venture into the risky waters of sorting edges. Later in the article, we’ll tell you when this baccarat system may be illegitimate.

Although baccarat is a game of chance, players have been looking for ways to beat the dealer. After centuries of devotion, pros have come up with a complex and arcane technique for lowering the house edge in baccarat.

A successful “edge sorter” follows closely the arrangement of the cards in a deck and shoe. They look for patterns and imperfections on the cards.

To an untrained eye, every card looks the same. But experts know better. This is how professional punters use edge sorting to capitalize on card games.

Namely, manufacturers can inadvertently produce “imperfect” cards with distinguishable patterns.

For example, a card may feature half a diamond on one side, whilst showing a complete figure on the opposite. Advantage gamblers use these so-called flaws to their advantage by determining what cards are low and what are high.

However, it’s not enough to sit down one day and look at cards intensely to be good at edge sorting. On the contrary, this is a skill that will take perhaps weeks or months to master. And only the best of the best can practice this strategy without getting noticed.

Before we show you how to edge sort, make sure you’re familiar with the rules of baccarat.

How Do You Edge Sort?

Baccarat is the world’s highest-grossing casino game. Therefore, it’s no wonder that everyone’s craving to get a slice of the baccarat cake.

To try and hit the nail on the head, many gamblers attempt to learn edge sorting.

This is how to edge sort, in short.

Edge sorting is possible. The first thing to ensure is to know how to play baccarat. The second factor concerns your level of expertise. Beginners should not try edge sorting.

Next, follows these steps, Hawk-Eye.

  1. Look for millimetric differences between the edges of cards.
  2. Focus on what edge faces what way while the card is in the shoe.
  3. Based on your observations, determine which cards are high and which low.

“How can that alone help?” you might ask. Well, it won’t. Usually, players ask the croupier to arrange the shoe in such a way to have high cards face in a certain direction and the low-denomination ones in a different one.

A clueless dealer might accept your kind request, looking to make you feel comfortable at the venue. But bear in mind that he or she may refuse to make your wish come true.

Particularly, high-rollers can get creative and talk to the casino to let them have their way. Of course, in online gaming, this system is of insignificant use.

Back to the controversy of 2012, when a popular gambler lost millions of dollars to edge sorting. Read on to find out more.

That Time When Edge Sorting Failed

The question “Is edge sorting illegal?” was put to a test in 2012, when Phil Ivey was accused of illegally edge sorting.

Although he played legitimately, the Tiger Woods of Poker was unable to scoop almost $10 million in winnings. Why? The two casinos in New Jersey and the UK refused to pay out the millions because he had been sorting.

Phil Ivey, as you might know, is a professional gambler infamous for hi extremely high stakes. By vocation a poker player who won 10 WSOP bracelets, Ivey decided to try his hand in baccarat as well.

Baccarat is quite dissimilar from poker, which to contrast relies on intuition and shrewdness. On the other side, baccarat is a pure game of luck with a house edge a hair higher than 1%.

The crucial difference, though, lies in the lack of the necessity for a strategy. To play, say, poker, or blackjack, one should practice heaps and apply the right tactic to win.

In contrast, no strategy can bend the house edge in baccarat. Whether you win at baccarat depends only on chance. That’s why casinos are alarmed when a player hits a multi-million win that easily.

After the “scandal,” the casino representatives listed a few tell-tale signs that something fishy was about to happen:

  • Namely, as a famous and reputable player, Ivey was granted the wish to play with purple Gemaco Borgata cards.
  • Additionally, Ivey wanted to play in a private
  • The dealer was asked to speak Mandarin Chinese.
  • His associate Cheng Yin Sun was the only other player at the table.

Ivey and Sun are both professionals. They had spent weeks preparing for this undertaking and memorizing card patterns.

After the notorious $9.6 million milestone, the house prevented Ivey from cashing out his winnings.

Is Edge Sorting Cheating?

Technically, edge sorting is not cheating. To clarify, let’s look at the Merriam Webster definition of cheating:

cheat, verb


: to deprive of something valuable by the use of deceit or fraud

So, did Ivey use any deceitful tactics? We don’t think so. Phil Ivey simply took advantage of the obvious imperfections induced by the casinos’ inattention.

Importantly, a few crucial factors had to be part of the whole scheme. Additionally, Ivey deposited $1 million in the popular casino card game. Could an average Joe afford to do that?

But even if he could, to pull a plot so intricate required multiple aspects to be ticked off the list. And the Michael Jordan of gambling used his reputation to make the house let him indulge his polite requests.

So why is edge sorting illegal?

The answer is that edge sorting is not illegal. But gambling establishments are private property. In turn, they get to decide what behavior is acceptable and what isn’t.

Nevertheless, you play on casino grounds so you need to follow their rules. Finding loopholes is justified as long as they don’t pit the house rules.

At the end of the day, it is the casino’s word against yours, and guess who wins?

So, lay low and don’t overdo it with any strategy.

Conclusion – Can Average Gamblers Win by Edge Sorting?

Edge sorting is a somewhat obscure winning method used to win in gambling. Poker and baccarat are the most popular examples of it. Many professional gamblers, such as Phil Ivey, have benefited from this technique. However, its position in the eyes of casinos poses a problem for gamblers.

We do not recommend edge sorting to inexperienced bettors. Learn from others’ mistakes; if a seasoned punter with ages of experience couldn’t work his way around, could a beginner?

Let us know what you think about edge sorting. What is your experience with this baccarat strategy?

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