Weight Parameters for a Football Player

Being a sportsman is not an easy job. If basketball players are supposed to be tall from birth, then what are the criteria for footballers? Any football player that you can find on any football betting site has done a great job on themselves to get into the list of the best.

You will learn in this article by what external parameters are football players chosen, and what physique is considered ideal for this sport.

In 2006, one interesting investigation was carried out. The Sports Education program gathered 376 players from 32 different teams. During the study, researchers were measuring their body weight and general metrics such as height and others. In short, and without a lot of numbers, 92% of all players met the indicators that are considered as the norm for football players. More specifically, the norm for football players is 136-169 pounds, with a weight of 5 feet.

But the investigation did not end there. The same organization, which was engaged in researching the parameters of football players, decided to compare the players of the local teams and the players of the international level. It is unknown what result they wanted to get, but all the players had approximately the same weight, as well as average height. So the BMI of footballers is 23-24 in total, and 25 for goalkeepers. This pattern can be explained, after all, goalkeepers move a little less on the field.

Former football professionals from Expert Football said that weight and height do not affect the quality of the game. Yet6 the last parameter is different for all players. One of the most important factors for football players is the percentage of body fat. It significantly affects the quality of training and, as a result, the game itself.

What is advised for all footballers is to keep fit is running, since in football it is very important that there is not too much muscle mass, and too weak. Here you need to find a middle ground, which is often difficult.

And of course, nothing affects the quality of the game like preparation. Training, training, and even more training. And only with the help of tactics and well-organized work within the team, you can achieve victories on the field.

Thus, one should not forget that the norm is an objective concept. And if you are suitable for the role of a football player in all parameters, this does not mean that you can send the world to the cube. Only hard work pays off!

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