US Players Looking for Cashless Casino Options

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A new report from the Innovation Group has found changing player perceptions and behaviors around casinos. One such change directly ties to the Coronavirus pandemic is the interest in new technologies such as cashless casino  payments.

Casino players apparently want cashless options with 86% of respondents expressing concern regarding concerns about COVID-19 from handling cash at the casino. Nearly 75% of all respondents indicated that they were “somewhat likely” or “very likely” to use cashless payments if available, and one-third said they’d be “somewhat likely” or “very likely” to visit a casino that offered cashless gaming.

The Innovation Group conducted two online surveys, each targeting 600 casino-goers across the United States. The first survey was conducted in May 2020 before casinos reopened to measure guest sentiment towards re-opening. The second survey was conducted in August 2020 after most casinos re-opened to measure if re-openings met expectations.

You can read more about changing player attitudes and cashless options at Yogo Net.

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