Unibet to change their loyalty system

On April 1 Unibet will have a significant overhaul of their loyalty system.

The Mission based quarterly system was not viable for them to have across every single market that they serve because each region has their own regulation and tax system.

A much more simplified and flexible system is coming in where you get cash back for the rake you have paid. It will still be quarterly.

There will still be a tiered rewards system on top of your rakeback whereby you unlock certain rewards when you reach a certain milestone of bonus points. Starting at a €1 HexaPro ticket all the way up to €3,000 cash. When you reach these bonus point milestones you will earn multipliers on your bonus points so you can earn them faster. Once you have raked €5 in a quarter you earn 2% more, when you reach €25 it will be 3.5% more, and it goes on like that until you have raked €9,005 where you get 18%.

This is what Unibet estimate your combined rewards will be at different milestones:

Rake Paid Rakeback Rakeback %
€5 €0.50 10%
€25 €3 11.8%
€105 €12 11.7%
€230 €38 16.5%
€480 €69 14.4%
€1,405 €237 16.9%
€2,205 €504 22.8%
€9,005 €3,560 39.5%
€20,555 €8,639 42%
€32,105 €13,718 42.7%
€43,655 €22,297 51.1%

These numbers are subject to change and may have changed when the new system comes into place. Above steps are just a selection, in total there are 34 tiers.

Upon reaching level 6 (€2,205 in quarterly rake), you unlock 12% bonus points multiplier rakeback, which is carried over to the next quarter. Upon reaching level 7 (€9,005 in quarterly rake) 18% bonus points multiplier rakeback is unlocked and carried over to next quarter

There will be Monthly Missions for lower stakes players which will give about €60 in quarterly rewards which work out to 50% rakeback.

There will be local restrictions in certain regions. This system will not be available in Belgium and Sweden, the multiplier system will not be available in Denmark.

Bonus points accumulated in this current quarter will be carried over to the next quarter. Customers raking €2,205 or €9,005 in Q1 will also be manually upgraded to the 12%/18% bonus points multiplier at the start of the quarter.

Exclusive rake race postponed


In the short term this means that our exclusive €10,000 Rake Race will be postponed in February. Given how generous the new reward system will be (most players who rake over €75 a month will be better off) it might not continue in it’s current form.

You will still be able to earn StrategyPoints on top of your rakeback at Unibet, even with the new system. Unibet players tracked to PokerStrategy will continue to be eligible for any exclusive future promotions we have with them.

Stay tuned to PokerStrategy.com as we will bring you more details when they become available.

Barry Carter

Barry Carter

Barry Carter is the editor of PokerStrategy.com and the co-author of The Mental Game of Poker 1 & 2, Poker Satellite Strategy and PKO Poker Strategy

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