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Biden’s Vice President Odds

June 18, 2020

Biden’s Vice President OddsBiden’s Vice President Odds

The lethargy of the American populace entering into another election season has been rudely awakened by a viral pandemic and an outburst of protests in response to African Americans being murdered by police in the streets.

These issues have gone global. So, in essence, the 2020 Presidential Election is going to have some serious implications for America, and the rest of the world at large.

Recently, Joe Biden has secured the Democratic Party’s nomination to face the incumbent Donald Trump, come November. Most thinking people will probably be left shaking their heads at whatever this says about our collective society.

But the important thing to note here is the major shift in the political odds — it seems like the Republican Party is in big trouble this election season.

Betting On Joe Biden

If you can afford it, you could wager half your stimulus check on Biden. That is if you have received one and you’re willing to wait another five months to double your money betting on politics.

Another strategy might be to wait and see how Trump’s campaign responds over the next few months. He’s clearly going to cling to his base, wherever there is a Republican stronghold.

That might be the only time he’ll be able to boost his popularity against the desperate Democrats at the other side of the aisle.

With that in mind, you could see Biden becoming the slight underdog again. Which is worth your whole stimulus check if you can time it correctly. However, I don’t see Biden getting more than -150 odds for the duration of the election season.

The Democrats have figured out how to get behind their candidate. Keep him in a room. Make sure he doesn’t talk too much. And keep on crossing out the dates until November 5th.

Wait. What day is Election Day again?

I’m sure Biden knows…

Democratic Vice-Presidential Nominee Odds

Who Will Be Biden’s VP?

There’s a lot of political muck to tread through if you really want to get to the nitty-gritty of who would be the best fit for Biden’s Vice President nominee. It’s probably one of the most important issues facing his campaign at this moment. The wrong choice could send his skeleton to the grave without ever occupying the White House as the Commander-in-Chief.

To me, that’s what Biden really is. A skeleton. And it truly embodies American Democracy at this juncture in history. So, the Vice President could very well be the next person to lead the sinking ship.

Bovada is giving similar odds as MyBookie to Kamala Harris. She’d previously been a candidate in the Democratic Party, dropping out after a few nasty jabs from Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard in a nationally-televised debate.

Kamala Harris Is A Strong Contender

I believe Harris is a strong contender, but not the strongest. However, at +110 to become the VP nominee for Biden, there’s really nobody else at this moment to step into this particular role.

An African American woman as the Vice President, that’s a really huge step in a different direction. Harris was one of the few previous candidates who took some of the headiest shots at Trump.

The Democrats all along have been emboldened (at least in their own minds) by that very strategy. “We need to beat Trump” is their sole battle cry in this election.

Other VP Choices

There have been rumors of other VP choices, including more African American women, Stacy Abrams (+3000 on Bovada/+2500 on MyBookie), and Barack Obama’s former National Security Advisor, Susan Rice (+600 on Bovada/+550 on MyBookie).

Val Demings is also another African American woman in the running for Biden’s VP. This is an unfamiliar name to me, but apparently, she used to be the police chief of Orlando, FL and is currently serving in the U.S. House (+525 on Bovada/MyBookie).

Biden’s campaign certainly has the right idea when it comes to optics. Popularity is going to play a major role with his selection for VP. The progressive wing of the caucus is sorely going to be washed out with this decision.

Harris Is The Obvious Choice

In other words, an unpopular moderate Democrat is going to be the target for beating Trump in November. Harris is the most obvious choice in that regard. She’s an (unpopular) moderate in the Democratic Senate.

So, she’s probably the closest to earning that VP spot. Either way, none of these payoffs is really that remarkable.

If you’re willing to keep on waiting, then it’s probably worth a small wager on any of these nominees. Especially, if you can’t go back to work just yet.

Let Democracy decide for you. It’s like a roulette wheel at this point. Throw some money into that little wheel and see what happens.

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