Trump Bettors Now Claiming Fraud

Outgoing US President Donald Trump continues to claim the Election was fraudulent and that he won by a landslide. The Electoral College said otherwise and officially declared Joe Biden as the President-Elect on Monday.

Sportsbooks followed suit and graded all outstanding bets in favor of Biden.

Dave Mason of BetOnline made the announcement Tuesday:

“With the Electoral College making it 100% official yesterday, all remaining 2020 Election odds were graded earlier this morning. Thanks again for everyone’s action and patience.”

But now those who wagered on Trump are crying “fraud” as well.

And some wagered big, not just those living in the US.

From the Daily Beast:

Despite betting money on President Donald Trump’s re-election, Helen was unfazed when Joe Biden was declared the victor.

She watched press conferences by Trump surrogates who claimed the election was a fraud. She watched a pro-Trump web show that alleged the same. Then, using the online gambling service Betfair, she wagered even more money on a Trump victory after Election Day.

“To be honest, the more likely it looked like fraud, the more I bet,” Helen, an Amsterdam-based British woman who declined to give her last name, told The Daily Beast.

Had Trump won re-election, Helen would have won nearly €2.7 million euros, according to screenshots of her Betfair account.

Helen and others now claim the books called the election too soon.

Don’t tell that to countless other gamblers who had grown impatient after all the swing states verified their results and sportsbooks held off paying.

Some of those Trump bettors are turning to conspiracy theories about election fraud—and threats to visit the homes of gambling company employees, the Daily Beast reports.

– Gilbert Horowitz,

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