Robbie finally played in an in-person home game again. Bruce has been watching both old and new poker content, specifically High Stakes Poker on PokerGO and The Orbit on Twitch.

The hosts are joined by Steve Fredlund and Jim Reid of Rec Poker and the pair discuss everything their podcast and community of poker players is all about in an extensive conversation.

Finally, our One Outer features a home game host who absolutely insists that the lights be turned off at the end of the session.

Time Stamps

00:22 Synopsis
1:05 How Ya Runnin?
2:00 Robbie finally played in an in-person home game again after 6 weeks “off”. Good vibes all around!
5:30 An outdoor home poker game in muggy weather is still better than over Zoom, online.
7:20 Staying for an extra hour to play three-handed ended up in some rungood!
8:20 Analyzing the latest home poker game session; not being results-oriented.
10:34 Bruce isn’t “running well” or “running poorly”… he’s “running in place” and enjoying watching old High Stakes Poker episodes on PokerGO.
14:51 Bruce also watched Ep. #2 of The Orbit, which featured Eric Danis, Maria Ho, Patrick Leonard, and Barry Carter.
18:40 Home Free debuted a beautiful acapella rendition of Kenny Rogers’ tune The Gambler.
21:50 Poker Notes Live mobile app ad
22:35 Look Who We’ve Found: Interview with Steve Fredlund and Jim Reid
23:33 Steve and Jim share how they first got into poker.
25:37 Steve and Jim explain when and how they met, and what motivated them to work together to help grow the RecPoker community.
27:43 Steve and Jim recall the one time they’ve met in person and tell the story of how they spent a grand total of three hours together in Canada.
31:12 Steve and Jim break down what RecPoker is, represents, and the components of the organization beyond just the podcast element: it’s all about community!
34:08 Does RecPoker focus on “home game players”, “recreational poker players” or something else? Are the terms interchangeable?
37:45 Steve and Jim share some great home game stories that demonstrate their love for the game.
42:20 Steve started a home game back in 2014 that featured over 40 people at his house. Over time, he cut it down to 20 people that’s more intimate and the type of feel he appreciates as a player and host.
44:10 Steve and Jim share the details of a wager that will have Steve singing the Canadian national anthem on the Las Vegas Strip if a Canadian wins the Rec Poker online home game tournaments each month. Shout outs to former guest Chad McVean and Cardplayer Lifestyle contributor Mike Patrick.
45:50 Jim explains the various different home poker game series being run online for the RecPoker community members.
48:10 Jim and Steve discuss the role of Zoom in the RecPoker online poker home games, plus they mention that some games will be streamed live to
51:20 Steve and Jim reflect on what it’s like to – after a couple years of effort – now start attracting some of poker’s big names to join them on the RecPoker podcast and drop in to chat with members of their community.
54:48 Steve explains how the RecPoker podcast panel came to be
56:17 Jim explains the various roles filled by RecPoker community members.
1:01:00 The RecPoker podcast is expanding to twice a week. Steve and Jim explain what the differences will be between the two weekly shows, and share some final words about the benefits of community.
1:06:16 One Outer: Bruce shares the story of a home game host who absolutely insists that the lights be turned off at the end of the session!

Steve Fredlund Jim Reid

Steve Fredlund Jim Reid

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