This giant 59-item lottery playing checklist will help you at every stage of your game

This giant 59-item lottery playing checklist will help you at every stage of your game


“The Checklist Manifesto” principle by surgeon Atul Gawande can also help you win the lottery.

Does it surprise you that the same kind of checklist that pilots use to fly complex aircraft, or engineers to construct complex buildings – can be used also for the lottery?

After I finished reading a checklist success book written by a surgeon who discovered his checklists saved lives, I applied the principles to the lottery.

Here’s a list of 59 items you need to check off before, during, and after you start playing:


Have you written a “Win List” of the things you want to buy with your prize?

Have you visited your local lotto organization so you know where to collect your main prize? 

Have you made a list of charities you’ll give to when you win over $500,000? 

Have you looked at the showrooms for a new car to replace your old one? 

Have you checked the real estate pages for your next home? 

Have you looked at the local marina to see where you’ll berth your new cruise boat? 

Have you selected a needy family for your anonymous donation? 

Have you kept your dreams alive by reviewing your Win List each day? 

Do you have positive reminders like pictures of cars and houses around you?

Getting Ticket Money

Here’s a list of ways you can get extra cash to pay for more tickets without spending the housekeeping:

Stop drinking (you know, the alcohol stuff). 

Stop eating out, cook at home. 

Stop buying coffee, take Starbucks off your list. 

Stop buying lunch, brown-bag it. 

Stop grocery shopping without a list. 

Stop buying brand products, generics are fine. 

Stop buying anything anymore, that means clothes too. 

Stop buying books and magazines. 

Stop buying bottled water, fill your own. 

Stop driving, go by rail, bus. 

Stop smoking, nuff said. 

Stop buying bargains. 

Stop any hobby which costs money.


Are your tickets in a pouch or folder so they are protected?

Have you double-checked to see that you have entered all the numbers correctly

Do you have the right number of tickets?

Have you have left enough time to play before the game’s deadline?

If you are a member of a private syndicate, do you have rules of play and ownership clearly agreed?

Does your game have the smallest number of balls and numbers?

Are you avoiding the 7 (bonus) ball games?

Are you playing one or more times a week?

Are you buying more than $10-$20 worth of tickets each time?

Are you playing one type of game each time?

Are you playing an off-peak game with fewer players so you get a bigger share of any win?

Are you using the same Profiles each time you play and not changing them?

Are you buying tickets early in the week (to make sure you don’t miss out, and to give yourself more anticipation)?

Are you going to your local lotto shop at the same time each week?

Are you using real money to play – not just paper-playing off the results?


Did you get your tickets checked by the retailer?

Did you get your tickets back from the retailer?

Have you written your name on your winning tickets?

Have you kept your winning tickets in a safe place?

Before You Claim Your Prize

Have you made paper copies of your winning tickets?

Have you made a digital copy of your winning tickets?

Have you put your tickets in a safe or bank deposit box?

Have you not told anyone about your win?

Have you contacted a tax attorney?

Have you contacted a family planning attorney?

Have you seen a licensed accountant? 

Have you changed your address, at least temporarily?

Have you changed your phones to unlisted numbers?

Have you ordered a private box for your mail?

Claiming Your Prize

Will you get your lottery winnings as a lump-sum? 

Will you choose the annual payment spread out over 20 to 30 years?

After Claiming Your Prize

Are you using the professionals you contacted? 

Have you paid off all existing debt?

Do you have a 6 month’s emergency fund?

Have you put aside a percentage of your winnings to a retirement accounts?

Will you set up a College Fund for your kids? 

Have you given to those less fortunate?

Could you win the lottery in 8 games out of 10?

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