These are the tools that Jared used to win a cool $87,700

These are the tools that Jared used to win a cool $87,700

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I pushed back from my desk and took a good long look at yesterday’s finished LottoPredict.

It’s a lot of work, I admit. And I haven’t found a shortcut. Just hard slog.

But I continue to do this week after week, year after year because it works.

Many players depend on its accuracy, and get great results.

And even though I didn’t build LottoPredict for the casual player, it works well too for those who only have a few dollars to spend each game.

But at some stage these players – maybe that’s you too – will have to decide…

Are you playing for fun?

Or are you really serious about winning?

Fun play is just that… a couple of tickets, hoping for the jackpot.

Maybe even buying one to slip inside a birthday card for a loved one or friend.

But if you want to start getting real results, you need to change your strategy.

A couple of tickets or $5 a game just won’t cut it.

Sure, you get a bigger advantage using the Silver Lotto System for these tiny plays, but that’s not what it was designed for.

If you are using LottoPredict, then couple it with PRO and really get going.

With the new week on its way, now is the time to change your attitude and start getting serious.

There’s a reason why I’ve named the custom profiles part of the System ‘PRO.’

Start using them to become a pro in your playing, seriously!

The rewards are well worth it:

Hey Ken,

When I won $85,700 with 5 prizes in the xxxxxxxx game … I wondered if I should tell you because I don’t want to share my luck with anyone else. So if you can not release that game in your newsletter then you got my permission to tell anyone about my wins with the pro.

Jared S. —

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