Swiss Gaming Authority Renamed to Gespa

According to the official reports, the Swiss Lottery and Betting Board, which was known as Comlot, will have a new name. Going forward, the regulator will rebrand to Gespa and will also acquire all rights and functions of the former operator. Gespa will also be responsible for overseeing the Swiss sports betting and lottery sector.

More About the Authority

The Swiss regulatory body consists of six members, involving the president and two members from French and German-speaking regions in Switzerland. It also has a representative from the Italian-speaking region of the country.

Following the new reform, former Comlot commissioners are promoted to ex-officio members of Gespa’s supervisory board, and the Comlot secretariat will be the office of the new regulator.

Regarding the functions of the new body, Gespa will be responsible for creating a safe and responsible gaming environment for Swiss residents regarding sports betting and skill-based games. The regulator will also fight against illegal gambling by creating a blacklist of websites that work without a license.

In addition to it, Gespa should work hard to prevent possible manipulations. It will prepare reports and inform all local and international authorities, including the sports organizations and gaming companies. It will also be responsible for composing an annual statistics report related to gambling as well as to give information regarding the income from sports betting events and lotteries.

More About the Body

Gespa is a Swiss Gambling Supervisory Authority that allows players to take part in the lottery, sports betting events, and skill-based games in a safe environment. It performs various tasks such as authorization and supervision of betting operators and their games and combating against illegal gambling. Gespa is also the Swiss national platform that strives to prevent any kind of sports betting manipulation.

Gespa is also responsible for ensuring that large operators pay attention to gambling risks such as fraud, problem gambling, and money laundering. As part of the supervision activities, Gespa oversees the operators for adhering to responsible practices. It is located in the capital of Switzerland, Bern.


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