Strangely unsatisfied after winning

I had a profitable night, won a little over $900 with slots & roulette, but when I left, after 4 hours, I was not satisfied. I almost went to another casino to play some more. Instead, I did deposit the winnings to my bank accounts, since I lost about that amount last night, then went home.

Normally, I’d take that win and try my luck in high limits (my game is Lightning Link, $5 minimum per spin, $100k Grand win) where sometimes I do ok), but tonight, I decided not to, not even $100. And I played safer than normal, started low, gradually increased bets, decreased bets after 10 losing spins, cashed out tickets over $50, played $20 at a time. I did go a little crazy and spent over $100 on one machine, but then got control again. So, I was up $1100 at one point, left with $1400 ($500 seed + $900 winnings)

I have a strange lack of satisfaction tonght. I’m almost conditioned to losing, it seems. I only loosely keep track anymore. Actually, my bank account keeps track. I used to feel good winning a thousand bucks.

This could be the beginning of the end.

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