Soul Eyes

The world would be splendid if we were all blind. So many human emotions and attitudes would be non existent. For one, no one would call each other ugly anymore. There would be no more jealous looks when someone is looking better than you in your mind. We would also stop trying to keep up with the Jones’. Our fancy things would no longer be a thing that people would be envious about. We would also save a lot of money not buying fancy clothes or things. Cheating on spouses would surely be on a low, since there would be no sexual temptation through our eyes any longer. Age no longer would be an issue in our personal aging process as we see ourselves change in the mirror. We would forever look like our imagination lets us imagine ourselves. Oh the trouble our eyes get us into. People think blindness is a curse, but I think it would be a more peaceful life. Trapped in my head with visions only I could see. I wonder if people who were blind from birth dream about how things look? Where would they draw their imagery from? They would have no visual memory. That would be interesting to talk to someone like that. If we were blind I think we would form closer bonds with people because our personalities would have to come into deep play in order to even get into a sexual relationship with someone. We’d no longer be able to get a date just because we are cute. Lol. Another great thing would be that we would no longer have body image issues or swimsuit contests. Wouldn’t that be something. In all honesty, I wouldn’t mind going blind. It would be like living in another realm. A realm of scent , hearing, and touch. Our imagination would be our reality. The world would be perfect if we were looking at it through our soul eyes. Our souls wouldn’t be so jaded if we couldn’t see the mess we’ve made in shallow attitudes and petty behavior. Come with me into the darkness, we will create a whole new world in our minds. Hmmm, to live in our own custom made world inside of our heads would be a very interesting life. Ahhhh, blindness. If you close your eyes, the whole world disappears.?

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