Seven NFL Apps that Football Fans Need to Have

Seven NFL Apps that Football Fans Need to Have

A quick set of reviews for the seven top NFL apps, coupled with the ways users can enjoy the best mobile casinos with their devices.

Mobile users are rarely away from their devices for long, and whether you’re into smartphones, tablets or even smartwatches, there are tons of useful apps. Football fans are particularly well-served, whether it comes to finding the latest NFL scores and stats, sports betting, or the best mobile casinos.

Finding Some Great Mobile Casinos

Both players and fans are currently on enforced breaks from not only the NFL, but sports generally across the world. Before we look at some of the handiest apps you can find for the NFL, it’s worth noting there are other distractions you can enjoy on your devices, including the best online gambling sites.

There are plenty of opportunities to relax at the best mobile casinos and play during breaks on your device. There are online slots, table games, novelty extras (such as virtual sports and scratch cards) and live dealer options at mobile casinos.

Sports-themed slots might be of especial interest to NFL fans, and the best mobile casinos have plenty from which to choose. Plus there’s an assortment of table games, and new players at online casinos can usually benefit from welcome bonuses such as free spins or free cash.

Tips and tricks for new players at mobile casinos include taking advantage of no deposit bonuses, which allow you to play for cash prizes without having to actually risk any of your own money. Naturally there is a little fine print (there’s usually a withdrawal cap of a few hundred dollars) but playing for real money without any chance of finishing behind is a pretty sweet deal.

Some Quick Tips on Mobile Football Betting

There are other mobile betting opportunities in addition to spinning reels, namely sports betting. This is an increasingly popular way to spice up a game, provided you take a cool-headed approach.

There is, of course, something of a sports hiatus and the NFL is not immune to the impact of the worldwide pandemic. It could be a year before normality returns to the sporting scene, but only time will tell.

However, once it does then mobile apps, including those mentioned below, will be a great way to keep updated and informed about what’s going on. And if the excitement of the best mobile casinos has whetted your appetite then why not put together the NFL and mobile betting?

Mobiles are a great way to bet, because they’re incredibly convenient and most online betting sites are now designed to be completely compatible with smartphones and tablets. This can help you take quick advantage of breaking news before betting sites can react.

It’s also important to learn some basic betting strategies, perhaps the most crucial of which is to bet with your head not your heart. Sports fans often back their own team without thinking, but some make the exact opposite mistake and bet against their team. That might sound weird, but the thinking is that either their team wins (and they’re happy) or their bet comes off (and they’re happy). This is an entirely flawed approach. The whole point of sports betting is to try and finish ahead. If you can’t divorce yourself emotionally from your team, then just don’t bet on markets that involve them.

Another vital point, whether a beginner or an old hand, is to never bet what you can’t afford to lose. Work out how much you can afford to play with, and never exceed that amount. Gambling’s there to be fun, and hopefully profitable, but as with any leisure activity prohibitive costs should be avoided.

The Best NFL Apps

There are plenty of apps for NFL fans, making it more convenient than ever to keep up to date with the latest scores, breaking news, and so on, whether you prefer smartphones, tablets, or smartwatches. These can be particularly useful for sports betting, as sometimes you can take advantage of breaking news to make great bets before sites can update their odds.

NFL App – Top of the list has to be the official NFL App. Available for both iOS and Android devices, fans can watch games (local and primetime) live via this app, in addition to extra videos covering news and highlights footage. If you’re into stats then check out the Game Center for minute-by-minute scoring, drive charts, and more.

NFL Fantasy – This is another official app, ideally suited for those who like to compete in fantasy football competitions. This can be a great way to get used to analyising the strengths and weaknesses of individual players to improve your betting skills.

NFL Game Pass – Released for Windows as well as iOS and Android operating systems, the NFL Game Pass allows you to watch live games on almost any device. In addition to the regular season, this app provides coverage of the Super Bowl, as well as the pre-season. There’s a plethora of extras, including downloadable games, archives, and stats aplenty.

NFL Manager 2020 – Would-be managers can indulge their strategic proclivities with the NFL Manager 2020 app, an officially licensed strategy game that enables fans to sit in the hot seat and manage their own NFL franchise. Make smart signings, build the best team, and see if you can take the crowning glory of the Super Bowl.

TheScore – This app covers all sports, and is awesome for NFL fans, providing stats such as scores, standings, and schedules. It’s uncluttered and straightforward, and if you’re into other sports too this is a one stop shop for all your scoring and statistical needs.

Yahoo! Fantasy Sports – This is a fun Fantasy NFL, MLB, NBA & NHL app that removes the requirement for a desktop to play fantasy football, and enables individuals to manage their teams in numerous leagues. Leagues can be joined or created, and this handy app makes fantasy football more convenient than ever before.

NFL Trash Talk – Is an app that allows you to vent your frustrations. Joining means you have two chatrooms, one that’s private for supporters of your team, and another that is shared with supporters of the team your side is playing next. Let the verbal sparring commence!

There you have it. The good news is that the best mobile online casinos are always going to be open whether there is a pandemic or not, so you’ll be able to stay entertained. However, when the games resume you’ll find that the NFL apps above will also help you to improve your knowledge of the great game.

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