Royal Roulette (Roleplay)

Welcome to Royal Roulette. Luck is a large factor of today’s culture, and integrated in life itself for many people. But what about death? Do you feel special enough to let Lady Luck decide your fate? No? Well, that’s unfortunate, since you don’t have a choice.

—Roleplay Premise.

Royal Roulette is a Danganronpa inspired roleplay hosted by Sunny, with the help of her friend Erica. 16 Ultimates wake up in a castle, with no idea how they got there. Once they get a tour, they discover that they are stuck in a game of death, with no way out… Unless they commit murder and get away with it.


Unlike most roleplays where roleplayers submit characters they have designed, this roleplay starts with the roleplayers getting the basic information from the mods, and then molding them into a character. The roleplay is on chapter 2 and can be found here.

Royal Roulette contains examples of:

  • The Ace: To be an Ultimate, you have to be the best in your field as well as under the age of 20. Even if it’s for rather… Unconventional talents.
  • Alternate Universe: To the Danganronpa series. While the concept of Ultimates is a thing and there is a killing game, it differs wildly in various aspects.
  • Ambiguously Human: John, and the Overseer to an extent. They look human and need to eat… But they can’t be killed.
  • Big Bad Duumvirate: The mastermind and the Overseer. The mastermind’s identity is a secret while the Overseer’s is played with, as the students can interact with them, but they don’t know her real name.
  • Breaking Old Trends: Breaks several trends of the Danganronpa series, such as
    • Not having a Lucky Student
    • A cast of 16 students
    • No animal mascots
    • A human(?) named John on the side of the students.
  • Cast Full of Gay: Several of the characters are gay, bi, and trans.
  • Cast Of Snow Flakes: Standard for a Danganronpa roleplay. Each character is unique and has… Their own quirks.
  • Downer Beginning: The stundets wake up elsewhere, and the man who gives them a tour gets stabbed. It only goes downhill from there, despite moments of levity.
  • Everyone Calls Her “Barkeep”: A feminine example. No one knows the Overseer’s real name.
  • School Forced Us Together: Normally, none of them would have interacted with each other, but thanks to Hope’s Peak, they have.
  • Sliding Scale of Silliness vs. Seriousness: Some moments are funny, such as Leo swinging from a chandelier. Other moments are horrifying, such as seeing John getting stabbed in the prologue.
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  • Small, Secluded World: The students are confined to the castle and the gardens nearby it.

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