Refusal to cash out

I thought the great Bob Nersesian solved this problem for us with the state court ruling that casinos had to cash you out if you were a patron of their casino. Well, I was cashing out chips at a casino in Vegas and they asked me to remove my mask for a second for security to be able to identify me. Now I wasn’t APing here so I thought it would be a good time to refuse and see if I could get away with it so I could know for certain when I really would prefer to conceal my identity. When I refused the cashier lady went and got a supervisor who informed me that it was the casinos policy to refuse to cash out chips if someone didn’t pull their mask down at the cage. I told her about the Nevada state court ruling that she had to cash me out if I was a patron of her casino and she told me if I refused again they wouldn’t cash me out. Threatening to call gaming didn’t help and she walked away.

I went ahead and called gaming and talked to an agent there who basically said casinos are allowed to have this policy for age verification to cash me out even though they ID’d me at the roulette table about 15 minutes prior. This doesn’t sound right to me. Their policy directly contradicts the state’s guidance on mandatory mask wearing by having you remove it. This policy contradicts Bob Nersesian’s ruling where you don’t need to give ID to cash out (the agent gave age verification as the reason why this is allowed). Is there a way to actually push back against this when you need to or do we need to comply and give the cage a mugshot to cash out?

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