Raise Your Edge: How To Overcome Your Addictions!

Die Poker Trainings-Plattform Raise Your Edge liefert auf YouTube kostenlosen Content. In diesem Video mit bencb789 gibt es ein Interview mit Lee Davy.

HOW TO OVERCOME YOUR ADDICTIONS! | RYE Podcast with Bencb & Lee Davy

[embedded content]


02:35 – Introduction to bad habits and addiction
10:17 – Lee Davy’s work/background
15:32 – Discussing alcoholism and the culture of drinking
33:27 – Diet/inflammatory foods and looking after yourself
41:54 – How do drinking problems begin?
50:37 – How does Lee Davy work with his students?
1:06:12 – What is Lee Davy’s advice to prevent addiction from happening?
1:25:49 – If someone is slipping into addiction, what would be Lee Davy’s advice?

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