Python library that gets odds on any event for all major sports, and almost 30 different sportsbooks

What’s up fellow degens.

I wrote and released a Python package that accesses Sportsbook Review’s GraphQL endpoint ( This means you can access any odds information found on SBR in the time it takes to load a webpage. Any betting market found on SBR is supported, e.g. half and quarter spread, ml and total, and futures odds. Any sportsbook found on SBR is supported. I have tested the program for basketball, football, UFC, tennis, soccer and hockey, but it should work for baseball, golf, horse racing, boxing and politics as well.


  • Odds on Wimbledon futures

  • March Madness odds

  • Odds on McGregor vs. Poirier

  • Bovada’s complete line history for every game the Lakers played last year

  • Closing over/under line on <insert Sportsbook> for every game the Leafs and Habs played against each other last year

  • Odds on today’s game in Brazil Serie A between Coritiba FC PR vs CR Vasco da Gama RJ (tried to find the most random event)

  • Number of bets placed on Ravens vs. Bills amongst SBR users on each side of the spread.


  • FanDuel and DraftKings are not available on SBR, but the odds source they use includes them. I used only sportsbooks that are available on the site’s front end. It may be possible to add support for FanDuel and DraftKings

  • I have no idea what the rate limit is on requests to the GraphQL endpoint so if you use this library try and avoid hammering the server with multiple requests per second

  • The GraphQL endpoint is for SBR’s internal use, and I have no control over it – use at your own risk.


With that being said, feedback welcome! If any SBR employees are reading, please for the love of god don’t shut it down, I worked way too hard on this

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