Pick of the Day – 12/4/20 (Friday)

Record: 14-4 (+13.1U)


Last pick: Juventus -1.5 -115 (+1.5U) ✅

Sport: Cricket

Competition: World Twenty20 International

Time: 3:10 AM ET

Today’s Pick: India Vs Australia Total Runs in Match OVER 334.5 -120 (2U MAX)

Obviously we bounced back it was a Sampath special! It went all according to plan, Juventus netted 3 goals, Morata and Ronaldo both scored a goal as predicted. We didn’t get a 14-4 record without checking line ups, I’m always aware of lineups and do my research before posting. Anyways I’m really excited for today’s max play been waiting all week. Took the day off yesterday as nothing was looking POTD worthy.

Man, I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve staying up all night excited to open their presents. Haven’t laid this many units down since NBA Playoffs so you know I’m excited for tonight’s overnight play. Have a couple of cricket plays incase some of your books don’t have these lines. I apologize for not having a ML play, as I know these are the most accessible to everyone. I noticed on the last cricket post where we were rained out that not everyone was able to find the pick on their site. Hopefully most of you guys have access to today’s pick because we boutta wake up to some bread. Won’t be sleeping tonight and probably will call in sick tomorrow as well.

Today on the pitch we have India vs Australia. Over the course of the previous week both teams played 3 ODI matches. Tonight’s game is 20 overs lasting roughly 4 hours in length compared to the 50 over format that just took place. By now you guys should know these games are more about power hitting and lots of boundaries. The pitch is perfect for scoring runs as we seen very high totals in the ODI as well. Both teams are bowling terribly right now and we will see a whole lotta runs given up by both sides. The bad bowling mixed with great batting by both sides is definitely a recipe for success. Majority of the Indian team played in the IPL T20 tournament a couple weeks back. Similarly a lot of the heavy hitting Australian players as well, these are the best of the best T20 players from around the world in today’s match up. This tells me that both teams are in great T20 form and boundaries to be scored left right center. The pitch is perfect for scoring runs and this is just an absolute robbery. For a total of 335 combined we would need the team batting first to score at least 168 which is very generous. I am expecting at the minimum 180 run total by whichever team bats first. This means if the chase is successful we win easily. The team chasing definitely should have an advantage today so as long as the first team scores above 168 runs I’m liking our chances to win here. I can see both teams being able to put up 200 runs so that would mean we would only need 135 from the other team to win which should be a walk in the park. If these lines aren’t available I gotchu just give me a message!

BOL everyone let’s wake up to some big wins. Sampath hasn’t lost a cricket play yet, and we don’t plan to anytime soon.

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