Pick of the Day – 11/23/20 (Monday)

Overall Record 62-28-3 Bank : 100u

Profit: +71.53u

Average Value: 1.90 Win Rate: 67.9%

Streak: 2W


Previous Pick : MiBR vs EnVy Over 2.5 Maps (+116)

Todays Pick: Endpoint vs sAw Over 2.5 Maps (+119)

ESEA MDL Upper Bracket Final 11 AM EST

While I do think overall sAw is the better team. There is good value in this match making a tiebreaker map. Firstly, endpoint are the best train team in MDL currently. With sAw being forced to veto Mirage they open up Endpoint to pick dust2 or Train. Both two maps I think they will be able to pull off a win on. Endpoint has shown some weakness on inferno lately and their Nuke is rarely played. Both of those maps heavily favor sAw, especially inferno. Two of the top teams in MDL with opposing map pools screams for a tiebreaker on like Vertigo or dust2. Should be a great match.

3.53u to win 4.2u


This model is for long term profit. Always bet responsibly and use units that will allow you to bounce back from losses. I can’t guarantee I’ll always be right but just know I’m placing bets along with you on everyone POTD I post. BOL to anyone who tails

The odds posted are at time my wager is placed, meaning they are subject to immediate change. Get them early or you might have to eat juice. Esports lines move very quickly and I don’t suggest betting the line after its moved greatly.

Tip Jar : Don’t come to reddit and post about the pick while its still live. No one likes a mush.

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