Pick of the Day – 10/22/20 (Thursday)


Reddit Record: 9-1-2; 9 Wins, 1 Push, 2 Losses ~ +9.8U

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Monday’s results from POTD was:

2U Kenyan Drake OVER 14.5 Rushing Attempts -Corey

2U Clyde Edwards-Helaire OVER 30.5 Receiving Yards -Kyle

Hi r/SportsBook this is Corey with u/BeardedBettors. I’m having trouble logging into our account so I’m looking to fix that ASAP. For now, I’ll be posting the Bearded Bettors plays from my account.

Today’s Picks of the Day is:

If you’re new to Bearded Bettors, welcome! Thursday’s play is endorsed by the Italian in our crew, Andre, who gives our followers European plays each week. His record is 6-1, picking multiple underdog winners as well.

Have you ever been to Italy? I have. Once you take out the tourist infested Rome from the equation, it’s one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It’s hard to nail down what is the most beautiful part about Italy… The women? The food?
Neither my friends, it’s the money we’re about to make from soccer giants AC Milan.

AC Milan takes on Celtic from Scotland Thursday morning, and I want YOU in on this action. Milan employs the infamous Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who scored twice in the 2-1 derby win over Champions League rival, Inter Milan. On the topic of winning, AC Milan haven’t lost since MARCH 8th, over 7 months ago. “But Corey!!!! Aren’t we due for a loss!?!?!” Calm down my sweet child, because that answer, is no.

Celtic, our opposition, come into this game in less than ideal fashion. The kilt-wearing Scotsman have multiple starters missing (courtesy of The ‘Rona), their star striker Odsonne Edouard injured and an important league match between the 2nd and 3rd ranked teams on Sunday. A player was also accused by Celtic’s management of leaking a starting lineup, and we’ll take any locker room drama on our side of the bet.

Milan are hungry and ready to strike. With momentum on their side, coupled with a dysfunctional Celtic team, we’re making a big play.

3U AC Milan Moneyline -130

If you’re liking what I have to say, and yiure channeling your inner Oliver Twist by begging “Please, Sir, I want some more.” Well let me put some more soup in your bowl Oliver, because here comes a juicy underdog play.

If you don’t know shit about soccer, don’t worry and it doesn’t matter. Just know that Celtic play a 3-5-2 formation which will lead them retreating for cover as Milan aim to attack and score quickly. Once this happen, Milan tends to “Park the Bus” which is the same as a football team being up 28 and running the ball to kill the clock. I suspect that once this happens, the doors will be shut on Celtic’s scoring chances. Which is why I’m taking…

1U AC Milan Shutout Win +200

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Game is Noon PST and is on CBS All Access, so get that free trial started.

See you all tomorrow in the Winner’s Circle.

-Corey from BeardedBettors

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