Phil Ivey reaches settlement with Borgata

phil ivey
Phil Ivey

Ivey and partner Cheung Yin Sun played baccarat in the Atlantic City casino in 2012 where they won $9.6 million using a technique called ‘edge-sorting’ whereby Sun was able to spot minor imperfections on the back of Gamaco cards. This led to a legal battle from 2014 onwards which saw a District Court judge rule in Borgata’s favour, which Ivey continued to appeal as his assets were being stripped.

Now NJ Online Gambling is reporting the case has been settled. The terms of the settlement have not been disclosed. 

It is something of a surprise that any kind of settlement has been made, but some are suggesting it is because of negative PR Borgata are facing. Few actually consider what Ivey did to be cheating and he did not mark the cards in any way, in fact many would argue edge-sorting is a form of skill. With news of a movie in the works about the life of Cheung Yin Sun, it perhaps seemed a good time for Borgata to settle. 

This is one of two edge-sorting legal battles Ivey has had with a major casino after being denied £7.7 million in winnings from Crockford’s Casino in London in 2017. These sessions were also played in 2012 with Cheung Yin Sun. 

What this means from a poker perspective is that we can almost certainly expect to see Ivey back at the poker tables, as he was shying away from the spotlight during these legal battles. 

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Barry Carter

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