Phil Galfond wins the third Galfond Challenge

While most eyes are on the feud between Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk, Phil Galfond has quietly been proving why he is one of the most feared heads-up poker players in the world.

He just won his third Galfond Challenge against Chance Kornuth, after previous victories against VeniVidi1993 and Ionnis Kontonatsios.

Kornuth conceded the challenge with just under 10,000 hands remaining of the 35,000 hand challenge. He ended the challenge down $726,500 as well as having to pay a further $250,000 side bet.

With three victories out of three there are still potentially more challenges coming in 2021, Galfond is set to take on Bill Perkins, Dan Cates, Brandon Adams and Luke Schwartz if terms can be finalised.

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Negreanu makes a big comeback

Speaking of heads-up challenges it looked all but over for Daniel Negreanu last week as Doug Polk went up by over $1 million.

However, KidPoker managed to put in the biggest winning session of the entire challenge, taking down $390,023 (almost 10 buy-ins) over 1,046 hands. He now has a slim chance of pulling off the impossible. He has a deficit $612,563 to overturn over a remaining 6,076 hands.

And it turns out his hand review videos when he is winning are almost as fun as they are when he is losing:

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Barry Carter

Barry Carter

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