Peacock TV and Psych

Recently, I was watching something on Netflix or Amazon Prime. There are some things on Amazon Prime that has commercials in them. One of those ads mentioned something called Peacock TV. It was adviced as being one of those places with free access, kind of like Tubi-TV and a couple of others.

I checked it out, and found that i could join free, and get access to several different shows mentioned by name…The Office and Psych being two of them. I had never seen that show while it was only regular television but decided to “check it out”.

Actually, I decided that the main character was kind of eye candy and that made it worth at least one show. Imagine my surprise when I realized it really is a good show, I am now about 10 episodes into and am planning to continue to watch it.

If you want to see a really fun detective story, where the main detective is a fouled individual who pretends to be a psycho, check it out.

That is

The free version.

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