Pay N Play Casino Phenomenon Booming in Finland


Online gambling is the favorite pastime of many people worldwide. The ability to enjoy their favorite casino games from the comfort of their home offers so many upsides and very few downsides.

If there is one thing that players do not like about online casinos it would be the whole registration process and the KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure. These can put a dent in the gaming experience and make it less like the experience they would have in a brick and mortar venue.

Pay N Play casinos, which have been growingly popular in Finland, offer a solution for both of these issues. Getting rid of traditional registration and verification processes, they allow players to jump straight into the action, automatizing all the boring parts.

How Do Pay N Play Casinos Work?

The fact of the matter is, online casinos do not really want to bother their players with all these requirements. They would love to be able to offer an experience similar to a live venue, where you walk in, play the games, pick up your winnings, and walk out.

However, online operators have to deal with numerous legal stipulations if they want to keep their licenses, and knowing who their players are is very high on that list of priorities.

The Pay N Play system devised by Trustly represents a smart and modern way of tackling the issue, where all the legal requirements are still met and all the checkboxes are ticked, but players themselves do not have to do anything.

The way Pay N Play works is by gathering all the information in the background, from the player’s bank account. When someone lands on one of these casinos, such as those recommended by, they do not need to open an account, and can immediately move to the deposit stage.

During the deposit process, the casino will gather required information without requiring the player to input any of it. Deposited funds will be made available to them in a matter of seconds and they can proceed to play their favorite games, just like they would in a brick and mortar casino.

Safer & More Convenient

Trustly’s Pay N Play has provided casinos with a great solution for a serious issue. With traditional online casinos, the KYC process is usually only triggered when someone requests a withdrawal. Using Pay N Play, operators can immediately verify their customers and make sure that the person accessing the site isn’t a minor, for example.

The system works very well for the players, too. The KYC procedure where they have to send in the documents, wait for the support to respond, and for their account to be verified (or not) is one of the most annoying parts of gambling online.

With Pay N Play, all of this happens the moment a player makes a deposit and the process is completely seamless, requiring no efforts on the user’s part.

Although these casinos do not offer traditional registration and accounts, players can still stop their session whenever they want and come back to it later, and the money will be waiting for them. It is not necessary to withdraw cash after every session, although it is definitely a possibility.

The new Pay N Play technology has been widely accepted in certain jurisdiction, with Finland leading the way. However, it has yet to achieve wider acceptance as some regulators require more convincing and explaining.

While it may take some time before these Pay N Play casinos become the norm, it does seem like the way of the future. It is something that both operators and players can benefit from and it definitely makes the online gaming experience feel smoother and more enjoyable.

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