Out of My Mind Into the Mirror

You may find this hard to believe, but God has been talking to me in the mirror since I was eleven. It started by me making faces in the mirror to amuse myself. I didn’t recognize myself one day and I asked the girl in the mirror who she was. She said, ” I am you. A prophet of the love of God.” I didn’t even know what the word prophet meant. I had to look it up in the dictionary. I didn’t understand any of it and I passed it off as a dream, even though I was wide awake. After that ideas about creation and the afterlife swirled through my head constantly. I became obsessed with God when I was a child. I still believe that God speaks to me. I don’t hear an audible human voice like ours, because he speaks through beautiful ideas and dreams and visions in my head. I dream of the afterlife constantly. I may share some of those dream later in here in my diary. Basically I feel like I’m on a stage before God and the dead are my audience. I never feel alone, because I feel God in my spirit. He whispers gentle and beautiful things into my soul. The best and most important message I really get from God is to show the love of God to people. It’s a universal love that includes everyone. No one is left out. I don’t identify with any religion in this world because my doctrine is strictly the love of God. There’s no need of threat of eternal punishment, because I was destined for love since the day I was born. I’ll continue in love when I pass away into the next world. Another thing God does is that I get inspirations to share really good advice. Advice that considers all sides to every situation. He gives me empathy for other people’s souls and problems. Any good and lovely thought comes from God. That’s when you know God is communicating with you. He talks through beautiful ideas full of love. Any bad thoughts come from a dark place in our own souls. If we look forward to the lovely thoughts, more and more enter our minds. I rebuke my bad thoughts. In my faith, I’m perfect in God’s eyes. I don’t feel the need to change who I am in order for God to love me. I feel happy and full of love for myself when I look into the mirror. For in the mirror lives my childlike faith in a loving creator. I’ll forever be an eleven year old girl in my spirit. I never grew up since the first time I met myself in the mirror. You’ll see God in your own eyes if you love yourself and other people. For God is simply a soft and gentle spirit of love who engulfs you in peace and Love. That’s who I am. I’m Jenny in the Mirror

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