NEW PokerStars game: Swap Hold'em!

NEW PokerStars game: Swap Hold'em!

On 17th of March 2020 PokerStars released a new game: Swap Hold’em!

It quickly became obvious that Power Up players will have an advantage in this game, since it uses a “swap mechanic” which is pretty much identical to “Reload” in Power Up.

In our newest YT video OP-Poker James plays the newly released PokerStars Swap Hold’em cashgame on 10c/25c stakes, talks about Swap Hold’em strategy and rules & shares his own results (which are pretty sick so far – he made over $2000 in 24h since the game was released!). You can watch the video below!

We will be playing this new format a lot on our stream so make sure to follow to us on Twitch so you can be notified when we go live!

Swap Hold’em plays identically to Texas Hold’em rules, but with one major difference: before any player has the option to fold, they are first given the chance to swap out one or both of their hole cards for new ones. Players can swap once per hand, at any point in the hand (either pre- or post-flop). However, once all-in, you cannot swap your cards anymore. You can see which players have swapped their cards & how many by looking at swap icon.

If you don’t see the game enable Aurora graphics engine in your client: go to Settings, Table Appearance, Table Graphics & check “Enable the new PokerStars Graphic Engine”.

We have a channel dedicated exclusively to Swap Hold’em strategy on our Discord! Join HERE.

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