Never Take Break!!

Never Take Break!!

Posted by Himanshu Dwivedi on 2020-12-29 at 2:25 PM

So, started of my journey and I think I am still among few who didn’t start their journey on Zynga poker it was just the usual friends meet and got to know about the game and the thing motivated the most there lifestyle and obviously money is primary.

I saw myself in various Up’s and Down and this is due to either wrong approach of gameplays or No knowledge that where you stand and what to play, before entering into this game or i can say if u want to make this for living u need to sacrifice many things like sundays your sleep etc but this is only some negative aspects but there are way some positive things like earn respect among others as u have plenty of free time to work on your mind and body which is very much needed nowdays to live a sustainable life.

Making Lacs in poker is not a big deal for anyone but to maintain that glory u have to learn everyday some new concept never kill your student or i can say that never stop learning either on tables or off tables learn more when you are winning and focus more when you are loosing.

In my whole journey I met many pros who are still crushing they always gave one attitude of never giving up plus they told me about not to rant on badbeat as this is the beauty of game sometimes you give and sometimes you take but the most important is your mindset and gameplay if that is correct then trust me you will win the long race which is very much important.

Discipline -Being a Engineering student I was not at all discipline I don’t know about other engineers though but my friends were same like me. In my initial days when i was winning much but either playing above my BR or playing some random cash game and spewing every single penny but after reaching many friends they told meyou have to be disciplined otherwise this all glory will vanish one day and you will be forced to do job which you don’t want now so those repeated warning made me now a displine man.

So let me talk about my title of not taking break it is not own words these words changed my entire thought process towards game said by my current coach Alok ranjan when i joined him i was losing some major flagship so i asked him that i am thinking to take break for some days which i usually do so he instantly told me that why taking break when you are losing take break when you are winning i touched literally my soul he added if you will take break while broke then you will not be able to enjoy those days just work on your game and take break when you won something good and then and there by i shipped two consecutive flagship for about 6.65 lac.

Last but not the least if you want to play this beautiful game just surround yourself who are better than you and if not then try to change yourself plus those who surrounds you.

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