Nevada Gaming Revenues Drop in November

The state of Nevada saw gambling revenues drop 6.3% in November, with casinos generating $771.2 million during the period.

The numbers show that revenues dropped on stakes of $9.42 billion, with slot machines making up $528.5 million of the revenues. There was $7.52 billion wagered on slots during the month. Table gaming was down 5.5% to $242.7 million, with $1.9 billion wagered on the games.

Blackjack was the most popular table game with $58.1 million in revenues on $415.1 million wagered. This is down 32.6% from last year. Baccarat stakes came in at $422 million, with revenues of $42 million. That number was down 44.6% from last year.

Las Vegas has been struggling since the outbreak of Covid, as many of the casinos were forced to close and people have (understandably) been slow to return to the desert for a chance to gamble. It’ll be interesting to see how Sin City and Nevada as a whole continue to evolve to a changing gambling market moving forward.

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