NAMED: Clarence drug dealers exposed

NAMED: Clarence drug dealers exposed

HERE are some of the Clarence Valley’s drug suppliers who have been through Grafton and Maclean courts in recent years:


Excuses go up in smoke in court

WHEN police executed a search warrant on his Grafton property, Mark Messenger attempted to claim 1.15kg of marijuana, scales and resealable bags were to control how much he smoked, and $10,595 in cash was winnings from the pokies.

The excuses didn’t last long in Grafton Local Court, where he pleaded guilty to supply of marijuana between an indictable and commercial quantity and dealing with the proceeds of crime.

According to police facts, police executed a search warrant on the morning of September 14 2017. Messenger told police he said there was some “stuff” on the property, claiming the marijuana was his.

Messenger took police to a bedroom and told officers of an amount of marijuana in a black plastic bucket. Police found six resealable bags individually wrapped containing 28g of marijuana. Underneath the bucket police searched a cardboard box that contained two cryovaced bags of marijuana both weighing 454.5g. Next to the bags were a number of resealable bags and a set of scales. When questioned, Messenger said he divided the marijuana into smaller bags to control how much he smoked.

Magistrate Karen Stafford sentenced Messenger to a two-year suspended sentence, and ordered $10,595 be forfeited to the Crown.


Drug dealer weed-ed out

A MAGISTRATE sought to deter others from travelling to Nimbin to sell marijuana by slapping a Maclean man with a jail term for prohibited drug supply.

Dennis Leslie Pearce was sentenced in Grafton Local Court in September 2018 after he entered pleas of guilty to a series of drug supply and drug possession charges dating back to April 2018.

According to police facts presented to the court, on April 1 and 2 this year Pearce approached three people and offered to sell them marijuana, with the two transactions both caught on CCTV near the Nimbin Community Centre.

Pearce was sentenced to 10 months in jail, with a non-parole period of five months.


South Grafton man jailed for drug charges

A SOUTH Grafton man spent Christmas 2018 behind bars after he was jailed over a series of drug possession and supply charges.

Odin Towers was sentenced for a raft of drug possession charges which stemmed from a police raid on a South Grafton property in October this year.

Towers entered guilty pleas to charges of supplying a prohibited drug, two charges of possession of equipment used to administer a prohibited drug, two charges of possessing a prescribed restricted substance and possessing a prohibited drug.

In August 2018 Coffs/Clarence Police District received numerous reports in relation to Towers supplying illegal drugs from his South Grafton property.

On October 3 a search warrant was issued and during the search police found a number of drugs and paraphernalia, including two sets of scales, resealable bags containing marijuana, and several hundred empty resealable bags.

In total, police found 25g of marijuana in numerous quantities in resealable bags, 0.66g of methylamphetamine, three Lyrica tablets and one Valium tablet.

Towers was sentenced to 12 months behind bars, with a non-parole period of six months.


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Chiller for Lower Clarence ice dealer

AN ICE addiction caused Gregory Charles Purcell’s relationship to fall apart, made him lose his home and live out of his car before moving back in with his father, with whom he had suffered abuse as a child, a court was told.

Despite the damage ice had caused to his life, it didn’t stop Purcell from selling it to fund his increasing drug habit.

From September 2017 to February 2018, Purcell sold 2.8g of methylamphetamine during 18 separate sales before a Coffs/Clarence Police District strike force, formed to investigate the supply of ice in the lower Clarence, made an arrest.

Appearing in Grafton Local Court in August 2018, Purcell pleaded guilty to two charges of supplying a prohibited drug for the sale of 2.816g of methylamphetamine and 32g of marijuana.

Purcell was sentenced to a year behind bars, with a non-parole period of six months.


Meth dealer man in the middle of Lower Clarence drug ring

FOR close to three months, Lucas John Lavelle was the middle man of an ice dealing operation in the lower Clarence, supplying methylamphetamine to street-level dealers as well as trading in stolen goods to peddle the drug.

It all came crashing down after NSW Police launched Strike Force Acini to covertly monitor the conversations of those involved, and in Grafton District Court in 2018 Lavelle was sentenced for his role in the operation.

Lavelle, 35, pleaded guilty to two charges of supplying methylamphetamine on an ongoing basis, as well as receiving property known to be stolen.

According to a summary of facts presented to the court by the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, between November 26, 2017, and January 24 2018, Lavelle engaged in the sale of ice 38 times.

Lavelle was sentenced to three years, six months behind bars, with a non-parole period of one year and nine months.

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Teen lucky to avoid jail sentence for drug charges

AN ARRAWARRA Headland teen was given a lucky chance after allegedly peddling a “near commercial range” of methamphetamines.

Edan Hull’s honesty proved his saviour when Magistrate Karen Stafford gave him a “chance to take the right path” in Grafton Local Court on Monday.

The 19-year-old was apprehended in November last year with 5.76g of methamphetamines and $1660 cash which police suspected to be profits from selling the drugs.

The suspected street value of the drugs is $3000.

Hull was sentenced to an 18 month community corrections order and said he must forfeit any profit made.


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Guilty pleas for drug, firearm charges but no jail time

A SOUTH Grafton man avoided a jail sentence after pleading guilty to charges dating back to 2017, after police raided a property and found drugs and an unregistered firearm.

Daniel Polley, 27, appeared in Grafton Local Court on Monday to be sentenced on five charges, including possessing prohibited drugs, supplying a prohibited drug, possessing an unregistered firearm and not keeping a firearm safely.

During a raid on October 14, 2017, police found $570 in cash on Polley, and in the living room a number of small resealable bags containing marijuana as well as a small resealable bag of methylamphetamine.

When interviewed by police following his arrest, Polley claimed he gave marijuana as payment to family and friends for odd jobs, as well as for personal use. Polley also said the methylamphetamine was for personal use.


Custody a ‘wake-up call’ for man sentenced on drug charges

A MAN sentenced for 13 drug, driving and weapons offences including supplying up to $7000 worth of ice, has been released from custody.

Samuel Ric Murray Landers faced myriad charges he committed between February and November last year all while already on a community corrections order for driving while suspended.

Landers pleaded guilty to one count of supply prohibited drug in commercial quantity, four counts of possess prohibited drug, three counts of drive while cancelled, two counts of possess prohibited weapon, one count of behave in offensive manner in public, one count of motor vehicle exceed speed 20km/h, and one count of custody of knife in public place.

Landers has been refused bail in custody since police apprehended him on November 1 in possession of 8.62 gram of methylamphetamine with an estimated street value of up to $7000.

Landers was sentenced to a one-month sentence each for the drug supply charge and possession of prohibited weapons. A 12-month community corrections order was imposed for the driving offences and Landers’ licence has been disqualified for 12 months.


Jailed over a ‘cocktail of drugs’

SOUTH Grafton woman has been sentenced to a year behind bars, in a magistrate’s bid to prevent the further supply of a “cocktail of drugs”.

Christine Hall, 57, appeared before Grafton Local Court on several charges including numerous counts of drug possession and drug supply last year.

Magistrate Karen Stafford said Hall had repeatedly offended while on a community corrections order for other drug-related offences.

“There is a strong reason to impose a sentence to stop yourself and others supplying this cocktail of drugs,” Ms Stafford said. “In my view it can only be addressed by full-time custody.”

Hall was sentenced to 12 months in custody with a non-parole period of five months.

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