Meaningful Intimate Card Games

We’re Not Really Strangers is an intimate card game developed by Koreen, a model and artist based in L.A. The game was designed to empower meaningful connections with others and features three carefully crafted levels of questions that will allow players to open up about themselves and expand their existing relationships.

The first level is perception to dive past assumptions, showing you what first impression you give off. The second level is connection and encourages users to dig a bit deeper and ask emotional questions. The third level is reflection, offering time to reflect, and become closer. Lastly, the final card asks each player to write a message to the other and only open the message when they have parted.

Alongside the original We’re Not Really Strangers game, the brand also offers specialty expansion packs including the Race and Privilege Expansion Pack, the Relationship Pack, the Honest Dating Expansion Pack, and the WNRS X Red Table Talk expansion pack, among others.

Image Credit: We’re Not Really Strangers

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