Matt “Bodeyster’ Bode Blitzes to Victory in Super Turbo at 2020 Online WSOP

Blitzing through a field highly reminiscent of 2019, Matt ‘Bodeyster’ Bode grabbed his first WSOP bracelet in winning the $500 No Limit Hold’em Super Turbo event in slightly more than six hours last night. Finishing off the fourth event of the leg of the 2020 online WSOP, Bode was able to pick up just short of $100K for his victory. While the action has been hectic of late, the upcoming week should be replete with action as the online WSOP really ramps up the action.

‘Bodeyster’ Defeats ‘XcrazylegsX’ For the Title

The field for the 2020 version of this event was just about as close as you can get to the same without bringing back the same runners. In 2019, the $500 Online Turbo No Limit event (it was a deep stack tournament) pulled in 1181 entries for the tournament. For 2020, 828 people showed up online for the tournament and, if they failed to find fortune with their first bullet, reached back into the virtual wallet for another entry. 351 reentries came in through those efforts, building a final 1179 entry field that created a $530,550 prize pool for the competitors.

180 players would receive a piece of the prize pool and an entry on their WSOP resume, and there were some impressive names that made some money. Jon Turner, Mike Matusow, Ryan Laplante, Phil Hellmuth, Matt Stout and Ari Engel all would earn pieces of the pie but come up short of the final table. That table, however, did feature some names that have been in the running at earlier final tables.

Because of the blind acceleration of the Turbo event, players probably took a few more risks than they would have. Shawn ‘SayGoodNight’ Daniels, who made the final table of Event #1 of the 2020 online WSOP, would get his second final table with an eighth-place finish. He was eliminated by Kevin ‘ImaLuckSac’ MacPhee, whose K-Q caught two pair on the flop against Daniels’ A-K.

MacPhee would himself go out in fifth place at the hands of Bode, who flopped a ten while holding an A-10 against MacPhee’s A-Q. Bode would use that hand to motor to the title, knocking off Frank ‘spaghettiii’ Marasco in fourth. After Frasca sent Caitlin ‘KTUUUH’ Dillon to the exits in third, the heads-up battle was swiftly concluded.

On the final hand, Frasca would push his 13 million chip stack to the center (blinds were 800K/1.6 million with a 200K ante) and Bode wasted no time in finding calling chips to go to war. Bode’s Q-7, however, was in seriously bad shape against Frasca’s A-Q. A seven on the flop changed the fortunes, with Bode taking over the lead. Although the J♣ gave Frasca a four flush to go with his Ace over card, a second seven on the river ended the tournament and crowned Bode as the champion.

1. Matt ‘Bodeyster’ Bode, $97,091
2. Brian ‘XcrazylegsX’ Frasca, $59,952
3. Caitlin ‘KTUUUH’ Dillon, $42,603
4. Frank ‘spaghettiii’ Marasco, $30,772
5. Kevin ‘ImaLuckSac’ MacPhee, $22,389
6. David ‘DrJayTrotter’ Bernsen, $16,500
7. Ryan ‘Whosyourdodd’ Dodd, $12,362
8. Shawn ‘SayGoodNight’ Daniels, $9338
9. Jason ‘Daluxxx’ Luxenberg, $7162

First Non-Texas Hold’em Events on Tap This Week

They are few and far between, so the first non-Texas Hold’em event on the schedule on Monday should draw some significant attention. The $600 Six-Handed Pot Limit Omaha Eights or Better tournament takes place beginning at 3PM (Pacific Time) on Monday. The tournament features three re-entry options for players who can’t get their mojo going, so there should be some virtual chips flying throughout the day on Monday.

The rest of the week features different formats of the Texas Hold’em discipline. A no-reentry $800 knockout tournaments steps up on Tuesday, with a $1000 Six Max tournament taking place on Thursday. It will lead to the $600 MonsterStack tournament that will begin on Friday, which will feature two reentries for the unfortunate. It will be a test to see if the 2020 online WSOP can maintain some momentum as it enters its first full week of action.

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