Lucky big money lottery winners, how did you win and what is your story?

My wife and I won $73,000 back in October 2019 (Canada). We have always played 6/49 here and there, Lotto Max once in a while, etc. I like playing scratch-offs, but my wife doesn’t. She likes a game called ‘All In Poker‘, but I don’t particularly like it and never play it. It’s a game that costs $2 per play, but for $1 more you can also have a chance at the ‘All In’ jackpot, which is a separate pool that grows and grows until it is won. You get a randomly dealt 5-card hand for each play, and prizes increase with hand rankings, all the way up to a Royal Flush (AKQJ10 suited).

So anyways, on the day of, I came downstairs to see my wife lounging around in her PJ’s watching television. I was getting ready to go to the store and asked her to get dressed so she could come with, said we’d pick up coffee, etc. She didn’t want to budge. It took some cajoling but I got her up and we headed to our favorite variety store to check our lotto tickets and cash in a scratch-off from the previous day. She usually waits in the car, but for whatever reason, on this day, she wanted to come in.

At the register, I handed ‘Ken’ my tickets and turned to my wife to ask if she wanted anything. She glanced at the lottery terminal screen and then asked for an ‘All-In Poker‘, which is $3. ‘Ken’ did his thing on the terminal, and the machine began to display our cards, one by one. First came the Jack of Spades, next was the Ace of Spades, and the King of Spades appeared after that. At this point, I was stunned but still cynical, the next card would surely be a brick, I thought, as we watched the Ten of Spades appear, quickly followed by the decisive Queen of Spades! The whole ‘deal’ sequence took maybe three seconds but it felt like one of those ‘time slows down’ moments. The feeling that followed was utter disbelief and shock. ‘Ken’ was high-fiving us, it was amazing. The lottery machine locked up due to a ‘major win‘. Customers were coming in with lotto and were told they would have to wait as they chattered with us and among themselves about what had just happened.

This wasn’t a ‘quit your job’ type of win, but the financial pressure it takes off of a family is immense. We paid all of our bills, bought a few toys, and hid the rest under our mattress. 🙂 It always amazes me when I think about the microcosm of incidents that had to be just ‘so’ on that day for this to happen. She was supposed to be out of town that day, but her mom cancelled on her. I never play that particular game, and so if my wife didn’t come, if everything didn’t happen just as it did, if ‘Ken’ didn’t request the ticket precisely when he did, we never would have won. Good luck, everyone.

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