Loophole allows online blackjack to use rigged decks

Im am dumbfounded to learn that it is not actually a violation of egaming licensees to use rigged decks. I recently witnessed a glitch during a blackjack game where the the values of cards that had not been drawn yet were being shown ahead of time. This of course means that the house knows what cards are to come in the shoe . This is accomplished by using cards with RFID tags in them . Shockingly , as was explained to me indirectly, this is not considered malpractice!?!?!?!. SO long as the cards are shuffled , this is enough to produce “random” outcomes which is the governing policy of online gaming. Props to these guys working the system i guess

<img src = "https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UIq2vlR6QaQw6xXlwuSnQ6qKVujMu3mZ/view?usp=sharing"/>

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