Is a Pay Per Head the Key to Make Your Bookies Business Grow?

A price per head service that makes your business grow is just what the Dr. ordered for complete recovery from COVID-19! Look, we all know what has happened to the local bookie. There is no need to hide from or run from the truth. This mess has been devastating, however, guess who is winning? The Pay per head. There is one reason they are winning… Bookies want in. The price per head industry is booming right now because this is the one way that local bookies have been able to stay afloat and in fact, earn big profits since February.
· Why is the PPH doing so well? The bookies have had two choices, either pack it in and call it a day, or go online with their bookmaking business to offer their clients a casino, racebook, and fantastic sportsbook that offers alternatives to traditional sports gambling.
· Here is one fact that we know beyond a shadow of a doubt; gamblers are still gambling, and they will not stop gambling as long as there is something to gamble on. If you offer them what they want (gambling) they will show you the money. There is only one way to offer them a casinoOnline.
· The online casinos are raking it in because gamblers are bored, and they want action. They also want the opportunity to make a little cash. Gamblers think differently, they believe that opportunity lies just around the corner and that sooner or later, their meal ticket will arrive. You must supply the seat at the table.
· Now, you can supply exactly what they are searching for and you can do it within a day or two for pennies on the dollar. If you have been searching for answers or close to walking away from it all, STOP! There is a silver lining. Number one, sports will be back soon, and some are already back. Number two, Esports have taken off bigger and better than imagined. You may think this is hokey and absurd but listen – Gamblers will gamble on anything if they think they may have a chance to win.
· The only way to find an online presence is with the help of a pay per head. The PPH providers have been around for more than 25-years and things have changed. No longer are they charging $25 per head, per week. NO, that is ancient history. The best PPH providers are now charging in the $7-$10 range and they offer everything. They do the bookies job and they do it more efficiently.
· You must be online if you want client loyalty. Your job is to keep the clients that you already have. We are not telling you to go nuts and spend tons of money advertising and tons of money building a website. NO, what you must do is find the best pay per head bookie provider on the internet and let them build your website for FREE.
· The PPH will custom-build your gaming website in a day or two and it’s free of charge. You don’t need to be rich or come up with a huge deposit. Your players will be back in the fold and paying your mortgage in a few days. It’s this simple. NO, the simple truth of the matter is this – if you don’t offer it, someone else will.
· What you get with a PPH is a fantastic sportsbook that loaded with all of the best features, a vast wagering menu, and a state-of-the-art user interface. Clients will love the easy of use and they will come back again and again.
Bookies need an assistant but can’t afford to pay one. The PPH is your assistant. They solve all of your gaming needs and they do it daily by setting all of the events, setting the lines and odds, but leaving you in total control to change them whenever you feel the need to do so. They supply you with player management tools and they accept all wagers and grade all bet slips. They leave no stone unturned with a Las Vegas-style casino, and a world-class racebook. Call the PPH, ask them for a free trial, and start earning big money. More information at

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