Inside Jennifer

Come with me and take my hand and I’ll show you who I am. The door to my mind is open and I need company. Let us stroll the magnificent corridors of my mind. There are many doors to enter in this hallway of my emotions. The first door we will enter is a beautiful handcrafted door. There’s a big beautiful heart carved into it. This is the room where I cherish my love for God and other people. When you open the door a flash of heat engulfs your soul. I worship love in this room with my holy books and flickering candles. It’s my favorite and most visited place in my dwelling. Let’s go on to the second door. In this room I house all of my emotions. I have many emotions that try to consume me all at the same time and I come here when I want to comfort my own soul. No one can comfort you like your own spirit can. I don’t spend much time in this room because I like to keep a tight reign on my feelings. The next door is the most needed place in my mind. It’s the room of romance. The big white canopy bed you’ll see is a symbol of the love I need from a soul mate. I lay in the bed and drown in romantic things that my soul needs from my lover. It’s a place where soft sweet music is always playing in the back of my mind. My last room I’ll let you enter is a room full of wars of the mind. Visions of good and evil fighting in my head, flash across the white walls. I fight to be perfect in love here in this room. This room is full of regrets for how I hurt other people in my life. You’ll find remorse here, sorrow for the hearts I have broken along my path in life. There are several more doors along the corridor of my mind, but they are full of secrets and only The Great Spirit of Love can enter the doors. They are my rooms full of secrets. I only trust divine intervention in this section of my mind. In each room is a secret and clues that lead me to the conclusion of our lives. This is my fortress but all who love me can find a special place in my corridor for the lonely. My purpose here is to love the lonely. You’re never alone. My doors are always open, welcome to my mind

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