If you're playing the lottery for fun, don't read any further

If you're playing the lottery for fun, don't read any further


Playing with cats is fun..

Choosing a new home is fun.

Test-driving a new Lamborghini is fun.

Playing with family is fun. 

But playing the lottery is a serious business, and the result of getting down to business first will be the reason you can have fun later.

My Silver Lotto System is not for entertainment. Not for the $5-a-game quick pickers. It’s for serious players.

If you don’t have a fierce determination to win and win big, then maybe these words are not for you.

To win big you need to play big. That means:

  • Focusing on the best game. Use the Star Rating in LottoPredict to find that, then stick to it.

  • Playing regularly, even when you’d rather be doing something else.

  • Using as many tickets as you can afford each time, without breaking the bank.

  • Using all the tools – Silver Lotto System, LottoPredict and PRO to maximise your win rate.

  • Persisting, even when you want to give up. My best wins have always come after a dry spell of low wins.

Only then can you think about how to spend your prize to get the most fun out of playing. 

Get serious first about winning. Then have fun!

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