How to win the lottery and also anything else you want

How to win the lottery and also anything else you want


Karin wrote: “Ken, I do your daily writing of goals. I am not terribly interested in a car or a house. How do I write and visualize money to pay bills etc?”

In case anyone missed the concept in my earlier posts, here’s how it works:

1. Every day, write down your goal.

2. Express it in emotional words and be as descriptive as you can.

3. Do this daily until you get what you want.

I’ve always used it for cars because they are usually affordable and tangible. Buying an ocean-going yacht is a little more advanced for this method!

Debt and bills are another story altogether. You see, most people can’t get creative when bills are involved.

Debt is a negative influence on our lives. Objects of desire are a positive.

So concentrating on the positive is always more productive.


An art dealer once told me he didn’t put his artist’s paintings into a bank display because they never sold.

People have a highly personal and usually negative relationship with money in a bank, and he found they simply didn’t want to buy the works in the bank building.

But back in the gallery they sold like hot cakes.

So it’s an interesting problem… how to attract money to pay bills.

The answer is to turn those accounts into a positive.

Take the utilities bill. That represents heat, warmth (or cool) and light.

So make your goal to have a home filled with these advantages.


An Australian couple were always running out of water on their small farm. And their bills for water cartage were crippling them.

So they wrote daily about enjoying an abundance of water, and a short time later they were discussing their problem with a local shopkeeper.

“Oh, you need a water dowser,” said the woman, and gave them the name of a contact.

A week later an underground stream was found on their land, and they drilled a bore. It has been producing water ever since.

If you can switch from scarcity to oversupply in your daily goals, it will always work out!

It’s the same with the lottery. The goal to have a winning ticket will generally not work.

Instead, fill your goals with the objects you want, and it’s more likely your wins will fit them.

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