How to Master the James Bond Roulette Strategy

Roulette is a popular online casino game whose origin spreads across a wide range of inventors and French literature. Its gaming style went through a lot of system development over the past four centuries.

The game got even more press attention after casinos were a theme of the globalized novel from Ian Flemingand one of the longest-running and highest-grossing film series in history, Casino Royale. The 1967 movie further popularized the habit of playing roulette, as the vigour, class, and dreadedness of the main character rejuvenated a personality usually associated with profitable gambling.

Due to the game’s unprecedented popularity, you have several variations to choose from: the European and American roulette. Another benefit of its popularity is the plethora of roulette strategies available today.

In this guide, we will look at the Jame Bond Strategy in the following sequence:

The James Bond Roulette Strategy

They all aim to give players an upper hand in the game, but the effectiveness varies, of course. Offline and online roulette can be very intricate, and that’s where roulette systems come in. Some help you improve your chances of winning significantly, with the James Bond Roulette System being a betting strategy that does just that.

Developed for American roulette, the Bond roulette strategy is pretty easy and straightforward to implement. However, you need at least £200 for it to be carried out. About £140 is used for the high numbers (19 – 36). £50 goes into the mid numbers and the last £10 is for insurance on number 0.

The James Bond Strategy Step-by-Step

If you’re used to playing roulette, you will agree that the game focuses on specific numbers, pocket colors, rows, and columns. The James Bond roulette system puts these into consideration and aims to help you win big like Mr. Bond himself. The strategy provides you with sure outcomes like:

  1. You get a sum of £80 if the ball lands on one of the pockets between 19 to 36
  2. You get £100 if the ball lands on one of the numbers from 13 to 18
  3. Numbers 1 to 12 are the losing numbers

With the odds staying the same, the betting system is wholly based on those three bets—the line bets, even bets, and house bets.

It is important to note that roulette is a game of luck. So even with the best of strategy, bear in mind that losses are inevitable. The strategy, however, distributes the bet to cover more than half of the game table in a round (25/36). That pays more long term.

These three bets, in a way, can similarly reduce your chance of winning as they are three separate and independent events. Plus, the James Bond strategy does not have a considerable influence on the house edge.

Advantages of the Bond Roulette Strategy

  • The strategy enforces specific amounts of bets. To a large extent, this helps to limit overspending by players who tend to overspend.
  • It increases the player’s chances of winning as the bet covers most numbers on the roulette wheels. Profit is almost a guarantee with this betting system and a bit of good luck.

Disadvantages of the Bond Roulette Strategy

  • The three bets are completely independent, showing no correlation. So, their value can lead to something negative or positive, which you could get by random play.
  • It downplays luck or the randomness of the game and tries to increase a player’s chances of winning by covering the majority of numbers. But we all know that it is a game of luck; perhaps, you can get its outcome using a random number generator or by playing flat bets.

European & American Roulette

The two roulette wheels have a little variance in their design since the American roulette includes the double zero. This can easily lead to different outcomes. Moreover, the two roulette wheels have varying payout percentages. With a little adjustment, nonetheless, the betting systemwould work well with both types of roulette wheels.

Other Roulette Betting Strategies to Try Out

  1. Martingale Strategy: It is arguably the best progressive betting system. In this strategy, you have to start from low stakes and then increase each wager as you go. If you win, you maintain the same bet and respond to every bet by doubling the stake.

The Martingale system has one major flaw—negative progression. Every time you lose, you need to double the stake. But unfortunately, the player’s bankroll is always finite.

  1. Labouchere Roulette Strategy: This is an excellent approach, but it is quite complex. The strategy is built around even bets like Red or Black, Even or Odd, and 1 to 18 or 19 to 36. The first step is to decide the amount you wish to win. This figure now gets broken down into a sequence of smaller numbers. For each round of playing roulette, you have to take the first and last numbers of the sequence, sum them up, and bet the value.

For every win, the two numbers that make up the sum should be crossed out from the sequence. In the next round, you use the new first and last numbers. You repeat the process after every win until all the numbers are crossed out. And in the event of a loss, you simply add the sum to the right-most part of the sequence for your next bet will become the sum of your previous stake and the first number of your sequence.

It has one major problem of creating a very long sequence when you lose a number of rounds consecutively.

  1. Paroli Roulette Strategy is also a very popular betting system when playing roulette at an offline or online casino. It is based on simple chances, as you have to start with a low initial stake. You double your stake after each win. It is a positive progressive betting system. When you lose, you place the exact bet again. When you win, though, you bet the profit and stake again. This drastically helps to increase the number of chips. In this strategy, the player has to determine the number of wins or the number of progressions earned before calling it quits.

It has the disadvantage of increasing the length of the losing streak and making the number of rounds before the next win longer.

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