How to get lottery winning advice from this $2 million-a-day gambler


Billy Walters in his home office in Las Vegas.

There are many things I don’t enjoy, but emptying our cat’s litter box was up there with the worst of them.

Life is full of unpleasant tasks.

Some psychologists say that doing these is character building.

I’d like to know how cleaning the litter box has improved mine!

What I’ve found is more true is that people don’t become rich without hard work.

Billy Walters in one of his many homes.

Many millionaires have said that they became successful because they did the chores that no-one else enjoyed doing.

We’re all built to be attracted to fun, laughter and joy. But the menial, boring and hard tasks are really what makes money.

Playing the lottery is no different.

Most people are not geared to playing consistently for months at a time without getting results.

Yet this is what we have to do to win.

Billy Walters featured in a 60 Minutes tv interview several years ago.

Billy Walters is a great example of how persistence pays off.

The Las Vegas based gambler plays up to $2 million a day – yes, a DAY, on sports bets.

He will often go for weeks without winning, sometimes even a month or two.

But when the odds are in his favor, it produces amazing results.

And as  ESPN writes, it has brought him a fleet of car dealerships, several high-end golf courses, a private jet and fabulous homes in places like Palm Desert and Cabo San Lucas.

How does he do it?

And can it be applied to winning lotto? I believe it can.

Because one of the more interesting facts to come out of an analysis of Walters’ play is that he only wins between 55-58% of his games. 

To break even, bettors need 52.38% of wins in a sports game.

Where Billy Walters wins big is through the vast amount of money that churns through his system… many millions a week.

And this small win percentage puts back big bucks into his pocket.

Playing the Silver Lotto System way is the same procedure.

We’re not after the jackpot – though several of our big winners have got one.

The secret is getting a multitude of smaller wins which all add up in time.

One of Walters’ major secrets is his focus on smaller college games which don’t attract much action, and often aren’t researched as deeply by bookmakers.

We are doing exactly the same… playing the smaller lottery games which have far better win odds, but other players ignore.

They are not as exciting as the major $50M+ games, but the chances of hitting a big win are far higher in the local games.

Playing these is like emptying the litter box… not very exciting but it has to be done, week after week.

When you do the hard tasks playing the lottery, you’ll reap the results many times over.

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