How to come first in the lottery jackpot race


Euromillions winner Neil Trotter aims to come first in his touring car racing. With £107.9 million (US$181.2m) win, he’ll have a head start!

I’ve just finished LottoPredict ready for the coming week, and it reminded me – we’re first in many things…

  • LottoPredict is the first lottery prediction service of its kind.

  • The Silver Lotto System is the first of its kind that doesn’t require you to fill out tickets each time. Once you filled them out – a simple 30-minute task – you never need to do it again.

  • Another first – the System is available through a members-only password-protected website. This means you never lose your information ever again when your computer crashes.

In the past, the number of buyers who lost their PDF files was never-ending. They used to write to me almost every day asking me to resend their manual.

Now, the number of queries has dropped to zero.

But all these firsts are useless unless you actually win lottery prizes.

Guess what… there are thousands of winners!

Get started with LottoPredict, or if you want a discount for PRO and LottoPredict together, go here.

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