How To Bet On NHL Online – Betting Options and Online Betting Sites

The 2021 National Hockey League season started this week, giving US sports bettors another option to bet on sports. Betting on the NHL is not extremely popular here but it is a market that you will find offered by most sportsbooks.

Betting on the NHL is a little bit different than betting on other sports, but that doesn’t make it any more confusing.

Below are five of the most common ways to bet on the NHL, with a quick description of each betting type.


A moneyline bet is by far the most popular NHL bet to make, which isn’t necessarily the case with some other sports. A moneyline bet requires the bettor to make a wager on which team will win the hockey game.

Here is an example of a moneyline from the next NHL games on

There are two different types of this bet, and it’s important to know which bet you are making. One bet is for the entire game, while the other form is a bet that is placed on just the regulation period.

Winning a bet on an underdog is much more profitable than betting on the favorite, but it also comes with some added risk.

Puck Line

A “puck line” wager in the NHL is similar to spread betting in other sports. The major difference is that in hockey, the puck line is almost always set at 1.5 goals.

There isn’t a ton of scoring in the NHL, and that limits the potential for a large spread. The favorite will almost always be listed at -1.5, while the underdog will be listed at +1.5.


An over/under bet is another NHL betting market that is extremely popular, and it works the same as it does for either football or basketball. This type of bet is different from the first two mentioned because you aren’t worried about the winning team or the final spread at all.

With an over/under bet, you are simply making a wager on the number of goals scored in a hockey game. The sportsbook will set a line, giving you a chance to pick over or under.

This type of bet is also referred to as “total” betting.


Both team and player prop betting options will be available for most regular-season NHL games. If you don’t see any prop betting options, then you might live in a state that has a limit on prop markets offered by sportsbooks.

Prop betting offers some unique betting opportunities, and it can add some fun and excitement when betting on the NHL.

Futures Betting

Another common NHL betting market that you will find at sportsbooks is futures betting. This type of betting works the same as it does for other sports, and you are simply making a bet on something that will happen down the road.

Betting on the eventual Stanley Cup champion is the most common futures bet to make, but you can also wager on each division or conference. Individual player awards will also be featured as a futures betting market, especially by the top sportsbooks in the United States.

The odds for a futures bet will change often, and you want to make a bet when the odds are valuable.

Online Betting Websites

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