How to be a power lottery player and increase your win rates

How to be a power lottery player and increase your win rates


New York Lottery winner Maria Sanders (center) hid her winning ticket under her mattress until she collected her $1 million check. Photo: Craig Ruttle

Our Silver Lotto PRO has been getting some rave results lately. But despite all my past posts about not testing your tickets but buying for real – someone else hasn’t figured it out and is over $20 grand worse off:

Ken, Ive been following your silver pro system each week since I bought it, and I can’t believe it. $17,500, $4200 and 2 of $230. Each week I kick myself that I didn’t take a ticket, but I guess I wanted proof before I spent my money. Now I will. Jon F Jon*************

Pay & play Jon – that’s the only way to get enough of the folding stuff to change your life.

The PRO is very effective, but a word of warning – although it is easy to use, it is slightly more expensive. That’s because it’s a sophisticated tool dedicated to Pro Players… committed players who want to win at their game using the top lottery tool available.

If you just want to spend a few dollars to buy my System, then sure – you’ll get very good results.

But if you want real results, fast, then going PRO is the only way.

Here’s the best thing about PRO. It’s simple. Everything except filling out your tickets (a once-in-a-lifetime thing) is done for you.

It’s ready to go when you are, any time day or night. As far as I know, my Silver Lotto PRO is the only system in the world like this.

Dear Ken,

Your splendid system got me $67,000 in the second prize (where I played only half the amount you suggested to me). The PRO is what I used and it came up with the numbers easily and in record time! I spent $40 but it was well worth all the spare money I had to win this amazing amount. I have never won a lottery before I used yours. Cathy K. (wibb*******

Could you win the lottery in 8 games out of 10?

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