How far would you go….to another state??

picture from the linked article

Just recently, I went to get a test done where they drew my blood. While I was there, I went ahead and asked about the newest information on getting the Covid-19 vaccine. The first person I asked told me that they did them at the hospital instead of the clinic where I got my test. Then, because that is how I roll, I ask another woman and she told me that they had information and handed me a piece of paper.

It turns out the piece of paper spelled out what the procedure was. It seems, as you who read my previous article indicated that the vaccines now available are limited to those 70 and older. I don’t qualify because I am “only” 67.

Then today, under the headline of “How Far Would You Go”, I read an article in our local paper about a woman who was over 70, and her husband had some pre-existing conditions making him especially vulunerable, as I do. They live about 150 miles from New Orleans, but since their local medical facilities couldn’t get them the vaccine, they drove to New Orleans to one of our facilities and got the vaccine.

They indicated that if they had not found the place here in New Orleans, they would have been willing to drive to another state. I have hope that when the age floor drops so that I qualify, I will be able to get the shots right here in my own town. I would hate to gave to drive to another state, to a big city, I expect, in order to get it.

Hopefully it will not be neccesary.

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