From Pythagoras to blackjack: the power of mathematics

Pythagoras could testify to this if he were still with us: mathematics is truly a powerful and fascinating tool. The illustrious mathematician and philosopher which has forever linked its name to the history of Crotone, was perhaps the first to mark the importance of numbers and knowledge to understand the world.

The dawn of mathematics

This word is often associated with complexity and headache problems by some of our readers, but actually sees its birth with the Late Egyptian term “maat”, used at the time in conjunction with ulna, one of the earliest known units of measurement.

The same etymological root is also present in the tradition Greek, with various meanings from “knowledge” to “middle ground”.

It was precisely in ancient Greece that mathematics began to develop more, as a branch of science of wide interest and a field shared among the main minds of the time including Euclid or “our” Pythagoras.

The power of mathematics

Numbers are the key to understanding the universe, and mathematics is the science that tries to “tame” them and bring them right,

It is precisely the complexity of mathematics that has required throughout history, the approach to other fields of human science such as logic, philosophy, physics, economics and computer science.

Now mathematics is one of the pillars of our society, founded on the calculation capacity of the best computers, capable of memorizing financial exchanges in real time with a power unthinkable until a few decades ago.

Likewise, mathematics can become the common language of physicists and philosophers who are asking questions about quantum theory and the origins of life.

Practical applications of mathematics

But mathematics is not only the prerogative of more complex finance or avant-garde philosophy. Studying mathematics also has important practical implications in terms of work and ease of occupation: if in Italy the average employment 1 year after graduation is 44%, in the case of mathematics graduates this value rises to81%. Therefore, if the degree in mathematics does not give the certainty of a permanent job, it still opens up important work scenarios.

Mathematical profiles are in fact in great demand in the financial sector, insurance and IT, for their high ability to solve complex problems and analyze data to find the most effective answer.

Mathematics as a game and fun

But math can also mean play and fun, as in the case of cubo di Rubik. If for us, mere mortals, this colored cube has meant many hours of fun and frustration, with the application of 78 mathematical algorithms it can become a simple calculation and “problem-solving” training, much loved by brains all over the world for challenge each other to complete the colored faces of the cube in time from record.

Numbers and math can also helplovers of online card games like live blackjack. With a careful analysis of the cards in the decks and a strategy based on mathematical principles, it is possible to test yourself and have fun with intelligence. All things considered, it’s good to be a geek!

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