First Edition Pokemon Card Base Set Expected To Sell For Over $750000

It turns out that Pokémon fans with the financial muscle are lining up to bid for a first edition set of Pokémon cards that may end up costing up to $750,000. Pokémon TCG has grown exponentially over the last several decades and continues to be among the top-selling card games. Billions of cards have been bought, traded and sold throughout the years. Recently, these cards have a track record of selling for major cash. Legacy cards in particular are becoming more valuable all the time.

A first edition Pokémon TCG base set box sold for $360,000 two months ago, which set a record at the time. It now looks like that record is soon to be replaced with an even larger number. The box’s condition and the cards contained inside it recorded a PSA rating of 10 or gem mint. The stainless condition of the set box was a significant factor in determining its extremely high monetary value.

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The well known Goldin Auctions is hosting the Pokemon card lot. The set originally dates back to 1999 and includes highly coveted Pokémon characters, with the prime example being the Charizard card. The deck includes 103 rare cards in total. These cards owe their expensive nature to their PSA rating. Every card has been rated by the PSA, with 10 being the highest rating, meaning the cards are in perfect condition. It is a system that is often used to determine the financial value of an individual card. The higher rating a card achieves, the more expensive it becomes. To become eligible to participate in the auction, customers must pledge to pay a minimum amount of $125,000 when the bidding begins later this month on January 30th.

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Pokemon TCG Sealed First Edition Box Price Record

While this collection does include several high-profile and exclusive cards, the highlight is arguably the 4 Charizard cards that are included. A single Charizard in the perfect condition sold for close to $400,000. The opening bid alone cost a mouth-watering $50,000. The rapper Logic recently purchased an exclusive 1st Edition holographic Charizard for a whopping $220,000, illustrating the great lengths those strapped with cash will go to in order to get their hands on these highly valuable collectors’ items.

These dramatic sales numbers demonstrate how popular Pokémon TCG remains. A common practice involves purchasing costly cards and selling them at a higher rate to bring in a sizeable profit. This business approach has lucrative potential and is probably a major driving force behind the huge profit for these cards. The commercial success of Pokémon is undoubtedly another major factor as well.

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Source: Goldwin Auctions

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