Faded Spade CEO on Poker Action Line Radio

Faded Spade CEO on Poker Action Line Radio

Faded Spade poker playing cards founder and ceo Tom Wheaton on Poker Action Line Radio

Our Founder & CEO Tom Wheaton was a recent guest on Poker Action Line Radio. You’ll not only learn about the Faded Spade business story, but also hear about Tom’s personal past from a poker, business and life perspective. Team Faded Spade thanks Dave Lemmon for the time and forum to share the Faded Spade story. Play below!

Per Poker Action Line Radio:

Tom Wheaton, CEO of Faded Spade, an explosively successful poker playing card company, joins BIG Dave for an informative conversation. Faded Spade makes the top-quality RFID cards used for TV broadcasts and is now the preferred playing card of the WPT.

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