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I have been posting about the integrity of the election daily. If elections aren’t lawful and transparent, they aren’t free. If elections are stolen, with obvious evidence of fraud and then allowed to stand, there will never be another fair and honest presidential election again. And considering the Dominion Voting machines have been used around the world, every nation using them should demand that at least their last election results be audited.

if the stolen votes were reapportioned to the correct candidate in this U. S. election cycle Trump would win in a landslide. How many more Democratic candidates would have lost their election bids in the House and the Senate? Pelosi would be the minority leader.

If democrats cheat, throw them in jail. If republicans cheat, throw them in jail. Fraud is fraud. And speaking of fraud, here are some more examples from [email protected]

[email protected] shared his results on Twitter on how the 2020 election was fixed for Joe Biden.

@redpillx2 People chasing ballots, IMHO, are barking up the wrong tree; this is 2020 not 1980. Messing with paper leaves witnesses and evidence, but messing with computer tabulations can be systemically done and without a trail.7:16 AM · Nov 19, 2020

sεαη@redpillx2·Nov 18, 2020 *** THIS IS MY OFFICIAL WHERE DID THESE VOTES GO THREAD *** Most of the time the cheating in the election wasn’t as simple as the votes going to one particular candidate. What they did was take votes from Trump and send them to third party or take both from 3rd and give to Biden.

redpillx2 Just for clarification: These aren’t VOTE TOTALS these are votes that moved… The totals are in the files most of them are in the millions. So, basically what you are seeing is a ‘difference’ of votes not who ‘won’. Why are the votes moving like this? You tell me! 😀

@redpillx2Replying to @redpillx2 The data is here in json format: https://ufile.io/ilbctvpi Others probably make this prettier, but not me. I’m just able to massage tiny scripts to spit things back to me. This is here for transparency purposes. This is NYT’s Edison data – I do not own it. It’s on the web already.

The fraud occurred in every state:

redpillx2They didn’t just cheat this election. They needed to cheat it so hard they needed to unplug it at 2am (EST) to catch up.6:32 AM · Nov 19, 2020


[To explain:

Trump lost 390.70799999998417 votes. Zero went to Biden. Trump’s 390.70799999998417 votes went to a third party candidate.

Biden lost 13927.016999999993 votes. 5800.282999999821 of Biden’s voted went to Trump. 8126.734000000171 Biden votes went to a third party candidate.

At this point in round numbers Trump lost about 391 votes to third party candidate. Biden lost about 5800 votes to Trump and about 8127 votes to a third party.

BOOM! Third party lost 47767.27399999941 votes to Biden and 8356.45999999988 to Trump. Finally, Trump received 5800.282999999821 votes.

Net third party (rounded): about negative 39,249 votes

Net Trump (rounded): about positive 19,565 votes

Net Biden (rounded): positive 33,840 votes]

In Pennsylvania, another example. This method would be hidden because Big Media didn’t report on Third Party results. In PA 200,000 votes show moving to Biden:

@redpillx2Replying to @redpillx2Here is the same pattern in PA. Votes are moved from Trump and Biden to Third party, and then laundered to Biden through the 3rd party. No doubt they’re doing this because most MSM don’t even show the 3rd party total.


redpillx2This is the ‘pump’ and dump on GA. They moved votes from Trump to Biden or Third Party, and then looted the Third Party and gave the votes to Biden.



sεαη@redpillx2Replying to @redpillx2They really wanted Biden to win Texas. Here they moved 175k votes from the Third party laundry machine to him. Probably the highest amount of cheating I’ve seen in the election night reporting.


redpillx2Second highest vote move here in FL. (156k) I guess they really wanted Sleepy Joe to win here too. Apparently, the cheating wasn’t enough.


New Jersey

redpillx2Replying to @redpillx2NJ: Moved 79k votes directly from Trump to Biden



Sεαη@redpillx2Replying to @redpillx2 Per request: WA Same pattern, magically all the 3rd party votes go to Biden. (practically anyway!)

sεαη@redpillx2 Just a hint… but….. The reason they don’t want to do Thanksgiving or Xmas has nothing to do with the infinitesimally small chance you’ll get COVID. It’s one of the few times you can talk about facts with your friends and families for hours without them moderating.5:39 AM · Nov 19, 2020

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